Friday, May 6, 2011

A "MONSTER" Of A Party

We had Kate's Birthday party today since so many of my family members had to work yesterday. I was actually kind of relieved to have an extra day because I've been so swamped this week. I need that extra day to make party decorations!

Her party was a MONSTER theme...because I think the terrible twos have hit and she has just been horrible for the past month! Sooooo much attitude! So...the monster theme was perfect.
It made decorating really easy, too. So many fun possibilities! I made the usual tissue paper pom poms, and I glued on some googly eyes and horns on a few of them.

Then, I made a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" banner with my trusty Silhouette. (How did I ever survive without it!?!) Oh! And I also designed some monsters with party hats with the Silhouette software and just had it cut out all the pieces for me to glue together. They turned out really cute!

And my pull string pinata that only took an hour to make....

{tutorial here}

and I tried the ruffled tissue paper garland tutorial I found {HERE} It turned out great!

I also made some cute monster cupcake toppers! {bought monster digital images from HERE} I cut out the cupcake wrappers with the Silhouette as well. And the cupcakes were soooo good! I even made buttercream frosting from scratch, and I will NEVERRRR go back to frosting in a can again. EVER.

And, just because I love you:

NatSprat's Buttercream Frosting

1 Cup softened butter
about a whole bag of powdered sugar
2 tsp. vanilla
1/4 Cup milk (I used heavy cream. So bad...but so gooood.)

Beat the heck out of it on medium speed until smooth, and add food coloring if desired.

And the adorable cupcake plate stands were just plates glued to spray painted candlesticks from Dollar Tree! {LOVE}

And, of course, what would a monster party be without tickle monster Mama? :)

All in all....I think the monster was pleased with her party!

* * * * * * *

P.S. If you have a second, pretty please go vote for my upcycled suitcase in the American Crafters competition! :) I'll love you forever and ever! (Okay, I'll love you anyway...but it would still be awesome if you voted!)

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Beck said...

I love the streamers! I saw the same tutorial by Dana on Made here:
Such a great idea! I LOVE the monster party theme, too. :) So creative.

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness!!!! So much cuteness in one post! I love it all!! I'm going to have to go check out all these tutorials!! Fabulous colors and I can't believe you got all that done!!!! You are AMAZING!!

Mike & Rachel Barton said...

Cuuuuuute. Love that tiny little monster. The silouette sounds pretty rad. I wish I were there to explore all that it has to offer ;)

Beck said...

I sent you another e-mail about the giveaway. I hope it got to you this time. Thanks again!

The Yoder's Four said...

OMG! Kate's party turned out SO CUTE!!! Looks like it was exhausting, though! Those tissue poms with googly eyes are the best thing I've seen all day. Awesome. :)

Lara said...

I was always spoiled growing up with homemade frosting. It's so easy to make and the difference is HUGE. FYI, if you ever need true white frosting, use white Crisco instead of the butter.

{Trulie Scrumptious} said...

NAT! OH my goodness, could you be any more awesome. SUCH an adorable theme.. we're loving the "monsterness" of it all! haha your the greatest... happy mothers day!
much love
trulie scrumptious sisters

Julie said...

That party is soo adorable! You're amazing! and I totally went and voted on your craft! Good Luck!

Julie said...

That party is soo adorable! You're amazing! and I totally went and voted on your craft! Good Luck!

Deneen said...

Congratulations on moving on in the competition! I am a new follower!

Lil Mama Stuart said...

came from blue cricket designs. I will be posting my monster 1st birthday party later this week! Your's came out great! And thanks for the pull string pinata tute!

Shelley said...

Oh my gosh, that is to cutest party ever!!! Well done :D


Nicole@Thrifty Decorating said...

So cute!!! I'm off to check out your pinata tutoritla!!

Nicole@Thrifty Decorating said...

I'm featuring this on Thrifty Thursday this week and give your pinata a shout-out too! :)

Anonymous said...

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Greetings! your crafts are beautiful