Sunday, September 2, 2012

A {WILD} Bedroom Makeover

Yes....another bedroom makeover. And I swear if I see another paint roller I will scream! Okay...that's a lie, because I love room makeovers! Would you like to see what I've done so far?

Whitney is turning 9 this month and getting her own room. She was previously sharing with Kate, but this whole waking up early for school thing just isn't working because Kate is a MONSTER if she doesn't get enough sleep. So, I told Whitney that I was going to let her choose her own bedroom design. She looked around and decided that she wanted a zebra theme room since zebras are her favorite animal. So...we started pulling all of the ideas together. 

My friend Gina scoured the internet and she found this picture:
 (Thank you, Gina!!!)

And Whitney jumped up and said (well, more like jumped up and shrieked), "THAT'S IT!!! OH MY GOSH, I LOVE IT!" And I had to admit, it was pretty dang cute. 

First step was letting her pick the paint for her room. She ended up picking Benjamin Moore Peony.

Then, after more looking around we found this zebra head from Anthropologie.

She wanted it soooo bad. But for $70!?! HECK.NO! So, I took all of the cereal bags out of the cereal boxes in the house, got out my scissors and glue gun and got to work. 9 hours later there was a giant paper mache zebra head hanging on her wall!

 It's not quite as cute as the Anthropologie one...but she's still thrilled with it. And so am I. I kept squealing out loud as it all came together...I couldn't believe I had made it! I am pretty dang proud of myself.

Then, I found zebra bedding at Walmart...which, surprisingly is really cute and really good quality! 
We are going to pair it with some hot pink sheets.

Still on our "to find list" is a great big black chandelier wall decal...

Or a real one...this one is at Target!

And some cute zebra wall art like some zebra print canvases
Or a giant zebra vinyl wall decal....

And some cute throw pillows (hellooo etsy!)

That's it for now! I'll tell you about the dresser makeover in my next post, but it's not quite finished yet! I love how it's all coming together, though.

So...whadda'ya think? Do you know of any fun things to add to the room?

Saturday, September 1, 2012


SO...I've been a bit of a busy bee! Know how I love photography? Well, after chewing on the idea of actually starting something up with it I have finally decided to stop chewing and just DO IT! I would like to introduce you to my new adventure, Natalie Brimhall Photography!

So...what do I do? I'm a natural light photographer which means I go wherever you want me to go! No studio, I can do your shoot in your favorite park, at your house, on your farm, or wherever makes you comfortable!

 I do babies....

big kids...

Senior Portraits...

Best Friends......

 Family Portraits...

(This AMAZING family had a WWII bomber training plane that they wanted in their shoot! How cool is that!?!)

I am seriously just so excited! I fall asleep dreaming about positioning people for pictures...finding good places around town to do shoots, and wondering when my business cards will come in! 

here's the front...
and the back....

AAAAH!!!! Seriously. I could die from excitement...but that wouldn't get me anywhere, now would it? My pictures would be super dark and awful from six feet under....and I wouldn't have access to a computer, either.

SO, here's where you come in. I have added my Natalie Brimhall Photography blog to facebook!

Pretty please, head on over and like me! Even if you don't live in Colorado, you can still like me and I'll totally send you a virtual facebook hug and love you forever. ;)

If you DO live in the San Luis Valle and you "like" my page and you need any portraits done, I'll give you $5 off of the $40 session! Leave me a message and we'll get a date and time set up for you! Act fast...the leaves are starting to change and it is BEAUTIFUL out there. :)

Annnnnd, that's about it! Thank you for your support, you guys really are the best! If I hit at least 30 "likes" on my faecebook page I will do an awesome surprise giveaway! ;)