Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover

Guess who has a new master bedroom? Mua. Muah...Moi? Cursed French. It's MEEEE! The long story made short husband turned our previous master bedroom into a home gym. He put the treadmill, weights cage, free weights, benches, etc. in the bedroom so he doesn't have to work out in the freezing cold garage this winter. I know, I'm such a nice wife. But I'm totally happy because our master bedroom had turned into sort of a "catch all" room. Random mismatched bookshelves, storage bins, guitar amps and name it, it was probably in our room somewhere. I wanted a room that FELT like a bedroom, ya know? So, I'm TOTALLY not complaining. We moved the girls in together (which they are LOVING) and we moved the master bedroom into Whitney's "old" room. Would you like to see what I did?

First, there was finding a paint color. I wanted something that was in between brown and gray. I chose Better Homes and Gardens 814 Earthy Stoneware. This color ended up PERFECT. Exactly what I imagined! I really wanted some contrast with the white and light robin egg blue.


I wanted something like the hotels have now for bedding...the white coverlet that they just fold the sheets over. I love that it looks so crisp and clean and that it's easy to just throw in the wash.
I got this nice set from Target for around $50. I love climbing into a crisp clean bed!


I made each of the pillows accept for the brown one...(I can't even imagine how long it would take to make the brown one! *GAG*)

All of the fabrics are Premier Print fabrics from I absolutely LOVE the giant shabby rosette pillows! OH! And do you want to know how I got the size for the blue pillows? All I did was cut a normal queen sized pillow in half and sewed the edge closed! It makes a perfect longer rectangle size. DON'T cut a pillow full of feathers in half...just FYI. Not that I did it or anything...*giggle*



I also covered an old canvas that I had with the fabric and stenciled on a "B". The frames were SOOO easy, too! I just took some old frames and took out the backing and glass and made a bunch of shabby fabric rosettes. Then, I glued them to the frame and that's it! I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE my shabby rosette frames!


Annnnd, that's it! An easy, inexpensive change up for a BEAUTIFUL bedroom.

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The Yoder's Five said...

Love it! That is a great wall color. The pops of aqua are my favorite!

I think my mom just cut some pillows in half to make some that size/shape. Great minds think alike!:)

Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life said...

Cute! I love the color scheme. So nice and relaxing:)

Beck said...

Love it! So nice and classy! Great work. :)

Simply Smith said...

Natalie, I love your room! I am actually in the midst of doing the SAME thing...slightly different colors ;) And it's so much fun! I can't wait to have it finished to show off! You did a great job!


The Mursets said...

LOVE IT! I would love to just have a white crisp bedspread...not sure how long it would stay nice and white though...

Sarah said...

I love all your personal touches. Your room is beautiful!

Kathy said...

Fabulous! Did the guitars go in the gym?

Julie said...

Now, do we get to see the gym and girls room? And I'm still wondering where/how you find the time for all this stuff. Blows my mente!

destiny said...

I LOVE your room makeover! Those pillows are beautiful! It all looks so relaxing!!

destiny said...

Beautiful and relaxing! I love the pillows!

Kids craft ideas said...

Love it. THanks for sharing