Monday, December 31, 2007

Whitney has grown up so much this year! I can't believe she's 4, it makes me feel so old. She can read all by herself now and really loves to learn. She's into the usual girl things...Barbies, Disney Princesses, stickers, etc. The thing that impresses me the most about her is her love for the Savior. She makes Daddy tell her a "Jesus story" every night before bed and sometimes when she's playing with her Barbies, I'll hear her exclaim "You healed me, oh, thank you!!!". She's my best little friend, my big helper, and it's so much fun to have her for a daughter!

Aaron is just about 18 months. ( a few more Sundays and he'll be in nursery, yaaaaaaay!) He's a total boy. I swear they are born knowing what cars and airplanes and crashes sound like. He loves trucks and cars and Disney's Cars movie. Aaron is definitely strong willed and sure gives us a run for his money. I'm amazed at how different boys are from girls! They sure are fun in their own different (more destructible) way. He loves his Daddy and is starting to learn how to keep up with Whitney. I'm sure he'll have fun growing up in Texas with all the bugs and little frogs and all those things boys like to mess with! I sure love that little tank!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

So much has happened since my last entry! First off, I was called to be the second counselor in the Young Womens. At first I was really excited for the calling, and then that night all my teenage years came flooding back to me, and in tears I realized that this is total payback. The old saying "What goes around comes around" has finally come and nipped me in the rear end! hahahaha. But then, after a nice little chat with the bishop I felt much better and realize that I will be able to help these girls through things that their other leaders (with perfectly clean records) would never be able to relate to. And when I was being set apart I knew without a doubt that this is where Heavenly Father wanted me to be and such a peace came over me, it was a wonderful experience! So, once again, I am SO excited to get to work with the youth. I'll be working with the Beehives (thank goodness!). They are so sweet and innocent and haven't been "corrupted" yet. And they are actually HAPPY to be there, not wishing they were at home chatting with their friends online, or hanging out with their boyfriend..s....

We went home for Christmas and it was so much fun! I'd have to say the highlight was when Rachel walked into the room with her prego belly and boobs and I got to feel her belly and give her a big hug. I seriously started crying! That's my little baby niece in there!!! Oh, I can't wait to hold that sweet little girl. Rachel is the cutest pregnant person I've ever seen, she looks absolutely beautiful! (she begs to differ...but that's because she has pregnant person goggles on.)

It was wonderful to get to see the whole family. I can't believe how fast everyone grows up! Brett is a total teenager now, and I think Ethan has even grown since I saw him last. (I thought he might have plateaued at age 6). They have a new exchange student from Germany, his name is Kya and he is such a neat kid. He would have been so much fun to grow up with. He even got the kids Christmas presents! There was lots of snow and lots of cold and it really felt like Christmas. Man, I LOVE my family!!!