Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We're alive, I swear!

Wow, I have turned into the worst blogger in the world! I am so sorry! Time to catch up on the past few months, mine and yours! As for us, we are living with Michael's parents until we close on our house on the 15th. Bless their hearts for putting up with all 5 of us for the past few months. The kids seem to be dealing with the move pretty well. Whitney wakes up crying occasionally because she misses her friends. Poor girl. I know how she feels. The first few day were full of excitement, it felt more like our summer Colorado vacations. But, after a few days, the reality of it all hit me and I slipped into a pretty deep depression. It wasn't so fun anymore. And finding a house was impossible. For our price range, everything good had already been snatched up because of the tax rebate thing, and all that was left was junk. Well, there was one house I fell in love with...but it was really small and there was no room to grow into it. So, after much lamenting, our prayers were answered. A family friend called Michael to ask if he wanted to come see his house. It was about $20,000 our of our price range and I was just SO mad! How unfair! But, to make a really long story short, he gave it to us at our price range, and I feel so blessed. It's going to be a nice house. It's 4 bedrooms (Yaaaaay!) 2 bathrooms and is about 2,000 sq. ft. It has HUGE garage, helloooo food storage space! Here are some pictures...

Exterior (I'm going to paint it a grayish brown in the spring, and the front door will be red) And, yes, that is a metal roof! Pretty common out here.

Here is part of the living/family room. There is another area off to the left. It has different carpet than what is shown, thank goodness.

Here is the kitchen, they left the bar stools for us, how nice!

The dining area off of the kitchen? (any suggestions for paint colors?)

The master bath...I love it! It has a jacuzzi tub with jets and all. I know that will get used a lot!

The back yard (sort of needs resurrected...)We have a whole acre!!! I'm excited to plant a great big garden this spring! I'd like to put a big fire pit back there somewhere, too!

So, that's our new home. I can't wait until the 15th...I keep going to Walmart (the only place to shop in a 2 hour radius) and drooling over paint colors. I'll have to do another blog about "The Beast" which would be our new fridge. I've never seen anything like it.

Besides the house thing...not much is going on. We had a nice Christmas break, and now are trying to get back in the school routine. Whitney is used to playing all day long and doesn't seem to want to work anymore. It will be nice when she gets back into the swing of things.

Well, that's probably enough to munch on for the day. I promise I'll write again soon with more updates!