Monday, December 31, 2007

Whitney has grown up so much this year! I can't believe she's 4, it makes me feel so old. She can read all by herself now and really loves to learn. She's into the usual girl things...Barbies, Disney Princesses, stickers, etc. The thing that impresses me the most about her is her love for the Savior. She makes Daddy tell her a "Jesus story" every night before bed and sometimes when she's playing with her Barbies, I'll hear her exclaim "You healed me, oh, thank you!!!". She's my best little friend, my big helper, and it's so much fun to have her for a daughter!

Aaron is just about 18 months. ( a few more Sundays and he'll be in nursery, yaaaaaaay!) He's a total boy. I swear they are born knowing what cars and airplanes and crashes sound like. He loves trucks and cars and Disney's Cars movie. Aaron is definitely strong willed and sure gives us a run for his money. I'm amazed at how different boys are from girls! They sure are fun in their own different (more destructible) way. He loves his Daddy and is starting to learn how to keep up with Whitney. I'm sure he'll have fun growing up in Texas with all the bugs and little frogs and all those things boys like to mess with! I sure love that little tank!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

So much has happened since my last entry! First off, I was called to be the second counselor in the Young Womens. At first I was really excited for the calling, and then that night all my teenage years came flooding back to me, and in tears I realized that this is total payback. The old saying "What goes around comes around" has finally come and nipped me in the rear end! hahahaha. But then, after a nice little chat with the bishop I felt much better and realize that I will be able to help these girls through things that their other leaders (with perfectly clean records) would never be able to relate to. And when I was being set apart I knew without a doubt that this is where Heavenly Father wanted me to be and such a peace came over me, it was a wonderful experience! So, once again, I am SO excited to get to work with the youth. I'll be working with the Beehives (thank goodness!). They are so sweet and innocent and haven't been "corrupted" yet. And they are actually HAPPY to be there, not wishing they were at home chatting with their friends online, or hanging out with their boyfriend..s....

We went home for Christmas and it was so much fun! I'd have to say the highlight was when Rachel walked into the room with her prego belly and boobs and I got to feel her belly and give her a big hug. I seriously started crying! That's my little baby niece in there!!! Oh, I can't wait to hold that sweet little girl. Rachel is the cutest pregnant person I've ever seen, she looks absolutely beautiful! (she begs to differ...but that's because she has pregnant person goggles on.)

It was wonderful to get to see the whole family. I can't believe how fast everyone grows up! Brett is a total teenager now, and I think Ethan has even grown since I saw him last. (I thought he might have plateaued at age 6). They have a new exchange student from Germany, his name is Kya and he is such a neat kid. He would have been so much fun to grow up with. He even got the kids Christmas presents! There was lots of snow and lots of cold and it really felt like Christmas. Man, I LOVE my family!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007



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1. I am terrified of Bigfoot and am too scared to go camping because of it!

2. My favorite food is Honey Seared Chicken from Pei Wei.

3. I used to want to be a tornado chaser when I grew up. (now that I live in Texas where we have dozens of tornado warnings in our county every summer and spring, I think they are the scariest things on earth. Especially at night when you can't see where they're coming from!)

4. I HATE putting away laundry and putting away dishes. I'm fine with loading them....but as for unloading- I'd rather change a poopy diaper!

5. I have broken two wedding rings, but the third one has lasted over a year! (in my defense, they were total random accidents and I didn't do it on purpose. Hope it's not a bad omen...)

6. Some day I'd like to go back to school and finish my nursing degree and work in Labor and Delivery at a hospital!!!

7. I'm terrified of city driving!!! (I've lived here for a year and still haven't driven on the freeway! Then again, Texas drivers are worthy of being terrified of! These people are maniacs!)

Now I'm supposed to tag 7 people.....I don't have 7 people to tag.....oh well! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We went to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago to pick out our pumpkin for Halloween. Whitney thought she was in some sort of magical pumpkin land and Aaron was just having a grand old time climbing all over the pumpkin pile. Just look at that face! "Is this for real? You mean, I get to climb all over those and you won't get mad!?!" Life is so much more exciting when you get to live through their eyes.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Wow, has it already been a week!?! Sorry! The surgery went well. The nurses couldn't get my I.V. right for some reason. It took three tries to find a vein! The first time the lady completely missed my vein and sent the needle straight through my flesh. Now the whole top of my hand is a nasty bluish greenish purplish color. The second one lasted through my surgery, but turns out it wasn't flowing so I came out of surgery very dehydrated and went into some kind of shock. They gave me a shot of something to make me stop shaking and it calmed me right down, whatever it was. So, they put in a new I.V. and put three liters into me! Anyway, they didn't find any active endometriosis, but there was some scar tissue that did some damage. They were able to remove it and hopefully that fixes the pain. As for the lump that started this whole mess, they tried to have a look at it while they were in there and it's on the outside of the abdominal wall, so that will take another surgery later on.
Recovery wasn't too bad. I have 2 incisions, one right below my navel and the other one is lower at the bikini line. (whoever named it the bikini line anyway?). I have some stitches...and a little bruising from where the instruments were prodding around, but really it's not too bad at all. I spent the first few days sleeping because of the pain killers and by day 4 I was pretty much back to normal. Michael took such good care of me, he really stepped up to the plate and I know I couldn't have made it without tearing something back open without him! (awwwww, tender).
I'm just soooooo glad that I opted for the laparoscopy first instead of the hormone therapy which would have been 6 months of living heck for nothing!!! I attribute that to prayer because I knew what I needed to do the second after I said "amen". Thank heaven for prayer. :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Well, guess the fun isn't quite over yet. I'm going to have exploratory surgery on Monday to get this pain figured out once and for all! It's becoming more frequent and more painful and I went to another doctor for a second opinion and she thought the best thing to do was to go in and check it out. Thankfully they can do it laparoscopically, so I won't have a big gash across my abdomen or anything, and full recovery is only 2 weeks! I'm really praying that they'll be able to figure it out and that it won't be anything too bad.

I went in to have my pre-surgery labs done and had a missionary experience there. There was one lady drawing my blood and one lady putting my information into the computer. She asked me if I had a religious preference and I said that I was LDS, and she was like " A Mormon???". So then both the ladies were suddenly sitting down in their chairs asking me questions about what we believe and what makes us different from all the other religions. And the usual Polygamy thing (which they were very happy that I cleared up for them!) So, I pretty much gave the first discussion while they were taking my was a good distraction from that needle, though! I hope I was able to tell them what they needed to know and maybe even planted the seed. Anyway, it was a nice experience.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Brazos Bend State Park

This weekend we went to Brazos Bend State Park with some friends. We had a great time and it was an absolutely gorgeous day! There is a big lake with a trail around it that we walked around, and the main attraction there are the alligators that roam free! We saw 5 alligators, and the one in the picture was about 5 feet away from us. He was a big fella! I'm guessing it was around 6 feet long or so. I was thinking that alligators were a lot smaller, guess not! We pushed the kids around in the stroller and our friends brought bikes to ride on the trails. Then they traded us and they pushed the kids and Mike and I rode the bikes for a while, and it was so much fun! Whitney now tells everyone that "alligators gobble up little kids", and she refused to get down from the stroller. I'm guessing that was Mike's line. Anyway, it was a great weekend and it was soooo nice to get away from the city and back into nature.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Part IV

Good news, the doctor didn't find anything unusual. Still no clue what the lump is, but he doesn't think it's anything serious. So, a thousand dollars later I am very happy to not have to worry about it anymore. Oh, and Demerol is a wonderful drug! Hmmmm. I think I'm going to go take another nap.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Part III

Well, the good news is that they didn't see anything on the ultrasound, the bad news is that they are going to do some more tests to see if they can see what it is on the inside and....well, I'll just leave it at that. ;) No fun, but I guess it'll give peace of mind and then I can stop worrying and wondering what it is. That'll be on Tuesday, and tomorrow I have to be on clear liquids diet all day and not eat or drink anything after midnight. So I went and bought about 20 packages of jell-o....hopefully that'll tie me over. Well, that's about all the report for now!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Part II

Went to the doctor, and he said that there was definitely something wrong there but he didn't know what it was. He guessed a tumor because it was set in the deep tissue and not just floating around and that it was in my colon. (this doctor also spent more time checking out my boobs than my abdomen!) So, he sent me to another doctor, a gastroentomologist (or something like that) and he did just about the same thing only adding a few more unpleasant prods. "Hmmmm. Well, that's not supposed to be there. I'm not sure what it is, so I'm going to send you to someone else." So now, $300 later, I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and they are going to take a look and see if they can figure out what the mass is. So far, today I've heard that maybe it is a tumor, a piece of poop (??? which would mean that I haven't gone poo in 2 weeks? ummmm, no.), and an ovarian cyst. So, it's just more wait and worry now. If they can't tell what it is with the ultrasound then they'll do a CT scan or an MRI, or possibly a colonoscopy. (oh please not the colonoscopy....not till I'm 50!!!) Hope they can figure it out tomorrow....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So, the other day I found this weird abdominal mass on my left side. I have no clue what it is, and there isn't one on my right side, and I can't think of any organs it would be. It's really weird! It doesn't hurt when I push on it or anything, and it's pretty fixed in there. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, I'm curious to see what it is!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Meet "Gigantor". We just found this sucker in our backyard in a tree! It is called a yellow garden spider, and this sucker is about 4 inches from leg to leg! So, my friends, there really are "Texas Size" spiders. Uuuugh. Nasty. It's web is HUGE!!! It's probably about 2 feet wide. I've heard horror stories of people walking smack into these spiders' webs and getting one on them.....totally traumatizing! We're talking about a spider bigger than the size of your entire palm stuck in your hair! Luckily they aren't poisonous....might as well be if you ask me. If I got bit, first of all, it wouldn't be the poison that would kill me, I would already be dead from the heart attack!

Monday, August 27, 2007

We went to go see the U.S.S. Texas! It was soooooooo cool! I had never been on a battleship before, and they turned the whole thing into a 3 level museum. It was neat to see all the things they can fit into that thing....not that it's small or anything.....but there was a barber shop and a hospital and an ice cream shop.....and a dentists office....anyway, it was amazing. The picture above is from the front of the ship- or was it the back? Hmmmm. Well, those guns were HUGE!!! I swear you could fit me in one of them. The kids seemed to enjoy it....a little. It was about 105 degrees that day, so thankfully the 2 lower levels were air-conditioned or I'm sure we would have passed out. Being on the battleship kept sending images from Pearl Harbor into my mind, and thinking about what it would have been like for the sailors on the Arizona, and the other was really eye opening. My heart goes out to those who were there. Oh, and the first Marine division ever was made on the U.S.S. Texas! Pretty neat. So, if you're ever in Houston, go just another hour and go see the Texas, it's well worth it!

We have these teeny tiny frogs all over our backyard! Seriously, they're all over!!! This one was smaller than my fingertip, and some of them are about the size of an egg. Whitney's new favorite past time is to go outside and go frog catching. Whitney is really good at it, I'm amazed at how she can catch them and not squish them and send them to little froggy heaven. When I'm trying to sleep at 2 a.m. and there are 50 of them croaking (well, actually it's more like chirping) in my backyard they drive me crazy! So anyway, that's our new excitement. We kind of sort of have pets!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Everything is big in Texas!

There once was a blind man who decided to visit Texas. When he arrived on the plane, he felt the seats and said, "Wow, these seats are big!" The person next to him answered, "Everything is big in Texas." When he finally arrived in Texas, he decided to visit a bar. Upon arriving in the bar, he ordered a beer and got a mug placed between his hands. He exclaimed, "Wow these mugs are big!" The bartender replied, "Everything is big in Texas." After a couple of beers, the blind man asked the bartender where the bathroom was located. The bartender replied, "Second door to the right." The blind man headed for the bathroom, but accidentally tripped and skipped the second door. Instead, he entered the third door, which lead to the swimming pool and fell into the pool by accident. Scared to death, the blind man started shouting, "Don't flush, don't flush!"

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I had a great birthday yesterday! I got to sleep in which of course was a wonderful start, then we went to get some new running shoes since mine have so many miles on them. Then we went to a luau that the church put on and it was sooooo cool! There were probably about 250 people there! There is a Samoan family in our ward and they all put it on, the dancers were amazing! There was even the guy that dances with the fire sticks...I think the ladies in the ward were getting pretty excited about him! It was probably okay, though with all the girls in the hula skirts....hahahahaha. Man, those girls can move those hips!!! It was great. One of the little girl dancers was celebrating her birthday that day, so they had her stand up there to sing "Happy Birthday" to her, and they asked if anyone else had a birthday that day, and I had to go up there and be sung to, too. Apparently I ran up there hootin' and hollerin' like I was on "The Price Is Right". (sorry Mike, didn't mean to embarrass you!). I had a good time, though! What a wonderful day, and I am so lucky to get to celebrate my birthday on the same day as our country. I am so blessed to live here, in a land set apart by God and started by founding fathers who were so willing to risk all they had to get the ball rolling. God Bless America!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

I feel like I haven't written in forever! Guess the most exciting thing that's happened recently is that Mike got an M-1A SOCOM 16 for Father's Day. He's wanted one his whole life and he really deserved it. We had several guns when we first got married, but he had to "sacrifice" them so we could pay our bills while he was in college. It was hard for him, but it was all we had that we could sell. So, I'd say this pretty much darn well makes up for it! (The thing was a pretty penny!)

I'm amazed at how my views on guns have changed since I met Mike. I grew up afraid of guns, I had never seen one in real life and I always associated them with "bad guys" in movies and crazed hunters and such. So, when we were first dating and he wanted to take me shooting in the foothills I was absolutely terrified. I was pretty sure that one of the guns would shoot me in the car while we were driving because we'd hit a bump or something. But after the first time I shot one I was hooked! It's now one of my favorite past times. (I particularly like shooting fruits and vegetables, stuffed Barney and scary clown toys!) I have learned to respect guns and see how they can be used to protect people and families.

There are around 60,000 reported and an estimated 1.5 million unreported cases per year of people who stopped crime through the use of firearms. That's a lot! I wish the anti-gun lobbyists would state that in all their "Guns are bad!" statistics. I'm not against them not letting psychos have guns, I think the background check is a wonderful idea, but it's not fair to take them away from the rest of us NOT crazy people. In Mexico there is a law that prohibits people from having guns. But do you think that stops the "bad guys" from getting them? HECK NO! It just makes it so the bad guys who don't follow the rules have guns and the good law abiding people have no way to protect themselves from the bad guys. I don't understand why they would want to do that here. (I get so fired up about gun control. )

One of our friends in Golden had someone try to break into their house in the middle of the night. He told his wife and kids to hide and he went and called the police. Luckily, he had an old collector's revolver (no bullets, though-but the robber didn't know!) and when the man who was breaking into the back door came in and saw the gun in our friend's hand he turned around and got the heck out of there! And guess what, the police never showed up. Now, what might have happened to him and his family if he didn't have that gun? I sure don't want to know. And it also goes to show that you can't count on police or anyone else for that matter to save your butt.

Hmmm. Well, I sure wasn't expecting my blog to turn into this! LOL. Anyway, it was a great Father's Day present, and I'm looking forward to making some big purple and green stuffed dinosaurs bite the dust. Bye-bye, Barney!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

my miracle!

Here's what happened to me yesterday! I went to Sam's Club with Whitney
and Aaron for some food storage stuff and on the way out there is a woman
who marks your receipt before you leave. For some reason (it was so
strange to watch!) She could not seem to get the marker to the paper! She
tried probably four or five times before she finally got it to work. (She
was getting pretty frustrated). I just thought, "well, that was weird..."
and headed out on my merry way. About 10 seconds later, I knew why she
couldn't get it right. That ten seconds made all the difference.

Out in front of Sam's there was a big semi-truck and some men were loading
goods onto it. I looked for cars behind it and didn't see any, so I headed
out into the parking lot. Suddenly, just as I inched out in front of the
semi, this lady in a black car goes speeding by! She had to have been going
about 40 mph. and had no intention of stopping at the crosswalk sign. (typical
Houston Texan). If we had been just a foot further into the street she would
have hit us and it would have been really bad. But, instead of me thinking "Wow,
that was close, psycho lady!" I had the strongest impression of Heavenly Father
letting me know that he had just spared us because he loved us. He just wanted
to let me know he was watching out for us! I can't imagine what would have
happened if she hit us, especially with Whitney and Aaron in the cart. It would
have been horrific. (Not to mention all that food storage gone to waste!)

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father- who even though he has starving
children in Africa to feed, soldiers in Iraq to protect, sick and weary to watch
over, and people with many more serious needs than I have- still watches over
meand my little family. Sometimes I feel so small and insignificant and I wonder
how he can possibly really know and love me. And now I feel his love so strongly
and know that I am really under his watchful eye. What a wonderful experience!

Friday, June 8, 2007


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This weekend is our 6 year anniversary! I can't believe it's been 6 years!!! Here are just a few memories of our wedding day:

On the morning of our wedding, my Aunt and Uncle (and their gazillion kids) were there and I had to wait for all of them to finish with the showers. I did my own hair as fast as I could, did my makeup in the car, and ended up being almost an hour late for my own wedding. Michael was convinced that I had chickened out! Poor guy. The temple workers were probably trying to console him before I walked in. Then, I forgot the big poofy skirt thing that goes under the dress, so my dress was all saggy. AND, I forgot my bouquet in the temple so I didn't get to use it in my pictures. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful, glorious day! As we sat in the Celestial room before we went into the Sealing room, I remember looking at Michael, all dressed in white, and I had this familiar feeling, like I could remember him from before, in another time and place. Suddenly I knew that this was truly meant to be and thinking, "we actually found eachother!". We had a wonderful Sealer and the one thing I remember him saying was that as long as we kept the Savior at the center of our marriage, everything would work out and we will be together forever! I hope we can be faithful and worthy of such a wonderful blessing.

Boy, I think it's safe to say I fell off the diet band wagon already! With company all week (they left home yesterday morning-phew!) I haven't been able to exercise (that would be a little embarrassing with 5 relatives sitting on the couch watching!) and haven't really paid attention to what I ate (okay, maybe I did pay attention, but what Dominos Pizza sounded a heck of a lot better than a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat! And who can have pizza without a big fat glass of root beer???) So now I'm totally depressed and feel fat and gross. Guess I'll try and jump back on the wagon tonight! I hope it drives by slowly....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We went to Dallas for the weekend because my cousin got married. They were an hour and a half late for their reception! It was hilarious because they said they got lost.....rrrrrrright. Those stinkers got a standing ovation at their reception when they finally showed up! It was a fun trip and I got to see some of my relatives there. Most of all I got to see my Grandma Nora. She is such an amazing woman, I am so blessed to have grandparents with whom I am so close.
Mike and I had a long talk yesterday. He was depressed because one of my cousins asked him what he liked about his job, and he couldn't think of anything that he "liked". It pays well, has good benefits, is a stable company.....but he just doesn't like it. I mean, really- who wants to sit in a cubicle for 12 hours a day checking formulas and calculations page after page after page. When he decided that he wanted to be a mechanical engineer, he thought he would be designing machines and making things, lots of hands on stuff. Not this. We sat and tried to figure out what he would want to do that he wouldn't get bored doing, and really couldn't come up with anything. I just want him to find something that he will enjoy doing. Besides that, we hate Texas. Soooooo, I think we're moving back to Colorado when his year is up here. (yaaaaay!) We decided that we are just "Colorado" people. It would be great to be closer to family again, too. Hopefully Mike can get a job with NREL again. Plus I miss my friends!!! I can't wait to see them again! I have some of the best friends on earth back there.
Texas is just funny. These people have seriously been brainwashed to believe that everything is better in Texas, everything is bigger in Texas, blah blah blah....I bought some fajita size tortillas the other day. I noticed the package said "Texas size" and guess what....I held them up to the other fajita tortillas and they were the exact same size! Then, one guy asked Mike if they had as many trucks in Colorado as they do in Texas (like having more trucks makes them better of a state) and Mike just laughed! He said that Colorado has just as many trucks, but the difference is that the trucks in Colorado usually have mud on them and have been off the pavement. (in otherwords, Coloradans actually use trucks for what they were made for!). Anyways, people here really do have a "Texas-size" attitude. Probably because they've never been outside of Texas and don't know any better. I even saw a guy with the state of Texas tattooed on his bicep! Now, you don't see guys in Colorado with a big rectangle tattooed on their arm! You don't see houses with the Colorado flag painted on their garage, you don't see Burger King signs with "try our new Colorado size deluxe cheeseburger today!". And Coloradans don't have a "Colorado Edition" Ford truck. Yes, Texas is definitely one of a kind. I'll just leave it at that!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Well, I've completed one week on the Abs diet! I can't really tell all that much of a difference, but my husband says he can. I guess that's the one that really matters. I try to watch what I eat during the day, and then after I put the kids to bed I do the weights and crunches and stuff and do a half an hour of cardio. I usually do a 5 minute warm up, then I run a mile or so and then I alternate walking and running for the rest of the time. It's supposed to burn fat faster if you keep your body guessing and change up your pace. So it's not bad at all! I thought it would be torture, but I'm finding that I really like it. I'm finding that I sleep better (because my body is actually tired!) and I feel better about myself. I can't wait to see the results after the 6 weeks are over!

Friday, May 18, 2007

I have decided to go on a DIET! (oooh, the "D" word!) I heard from a little birdie that my stomach could use some work, so I am starting the "Abs Diet" and I'm excited to see how it goes. Right now I'm at 125 lbs, and I'd like to lose about 10 pounds. I read the book last night and it sounds like a pretty good plan. The usual "watch what you eat" and "here's your exercises for today" kind of book. I can use my weights and do the exercises right here in my living room and then I can use our new treadmill and do cardio for a half an hour every day. And one day a week I can eat whatever I want! What a wonderful day of the week that will be! =) This blog can kind of work as my progress journal, too. Maybe I'll post a before and after picture!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good news. The results came back negative! I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am. Although, in my "depressed therapy session" I finally bought a nice big area rug, a big black leather ottoman (to use as a coffee table- no pointy corners, yaaaay!), and some wall decorations. I gotta say, there is something to be said for shopping while you're upset. My house looks better and I feel better. Nice.

Today is one of those days when I just can't concentrate on anything for more than 30 seconds. I think my significant other is having a "rubber band" week (for anyone who has read the "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" book you know what I'm talking about) and has hardly said a word or looked at me in 2 days. My Grandma (the one who's husband passed away in September) is getting her test results from the doctor today, they think she has cancer. She has been on so many medications that her kidneys have had about all they can take, so they're not sure what they will be able to do for her. On one hand, I know she is excited to be with Grandpa again, it will be a glorious reunion! She is terribly miserable and lonely without him. Yet the selfish side of me can't bare to say good-bye. I'm supposed to see her next weekend at my cousin's wedding. If these results today come back as bad news, how do I greet her next knowing that I may never see her again in this life? Do I just hug her and be happy and act like nothing is wrong, or do I fall to her feet and weep because I fear for how she will have to suffer? I don't really know what else to say, other than it's going to be a long day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So, I just talked to one of my friends from church yesterday and I can't stop thinking about her. She just found out that she's pregnant, and her husband had an affair on her! She had no idea. He would lie and say that he was going to a game with one of his friends, and of course he wasn't. She has 6 kids (one is a 11 month old baby!) She had a good venting session and I hung up the phone just as depressed as she was. She is absolutely devastated! Suddenly I have a whole new fear of becoming the "old run down stay-at-home mom" model. My body has been scarred by having two (wonderful!) children. I'll be honest. I'm not the fun, crazy, hot "babe" I used to be. My stomach looks like I was mauled by a tiger, my boobs are a few inches south from where they started before breastfeeding, I have permanent dark circles under my eyes, and I'm lucky if I get dressed by 10 a.m.! Instead of going to the gym- I'm grocery shopping. Instead of spending time curling my hair and taking the time to put on eyeliner, I'm wiping the hand prints off of the t.v. and cleaning the crayon masterpieces from the walls. I usually have spit up or something smeared on one of my shoulders and my hair half pulled out of it's ponytail from my 10 month old son. But this gives me new a whole incentive to try harder to look better when the husband comes home. It's sad when you suddenly see all of the rest of the women in the world as competition for your husband. I'm not saying that I don't love being a mother, it is the most wonderful thing in the world. They have made my life worth living in a whole new dimension, and brought me happiness and joy that I never knew I could feel! I only hope and pray that my husband won't lose sight of what he has here for a newer model with perky boobs and a toned tummy. Hmmm. I think I'll go eat some chocolate now. On second thought, maybe I'll go eat some chocolate artificially flavored rice cakes.

My First Post!

Hello World! So, this is my first post. Thanks to Diana for introducing me to this vast and interesting world of blogging! This will be fun, I think! Say anything I want, speak my mind, make people! What more could a girl want other than to be able to eat anything she wants without it going straight to her butt? (OK, I can think of a few other things but that would take all day!) Well, until next time- ciao!