Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Pin}spiration Copycat Week 5

This week's {Pin}spiration was in my Beauty Bin board. I've seen this around for a while and I wanted to try it out. Have you heard of washing your face with oil? It sounded so strange, and I just HAD to check it out. I was totally envisioning some lady putting Crisco all over her face or something. The Pin took me to Simple Mom where she had a really informative article on her experience with this whole washing your face with oil thing. It intrigued me. I have tried like EVERY skin treatment thing I could find on the shelf with no luck. Most things just irritated my face. My skin is really dry and acne prone and my skin tone is uneven. Well, at least it was 2 weeks ago! See? Click on it and you can see embarrassing. I can see 3 monsters without even clicking on it! :(

Me: Oh my heck. I can't believe I'm about to put this on my blog for everyone to see...*gag*


true story.

When we were driving to church on Sunday morning my husband looked at me and said, "WOW, Nat...your complexion is looking REALLY nice! It looks so healthy!". That compliment coming from him meant so much to me...I almost started to cry. I mean, I can tell a difference, but the fact that a GUY could see a difference means it really must be working. I haven't had to use a moisturizer in 2 weeks. I haven't had a single huge zit, and the bumpy forehead I used to have is gone. I'm not even kidding!!! My face seriously looks like it glows (okay, not like, glow in the dark know what I mean!). I was pretty hesitant to put the oils all over my face the first time...thinking that it was just SOOOOO contrary to what we are usually told about facial skin care. I mean, oils are what make us break out, right? (WRONG!!! It's pores that have dirt and bacteria clogging them!) I was expecting to wake up the next morning either completely broken out in pimples or a total grease ball. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! I am definitely a firm believer now. I will NEVER buy another drug store facial cleanser or moisturizer again. There's just no need to! Not to mention, these bottles of oils are going to last me forrrrever so they are really cost effective.

So, which oils do I use and how do I do it? Here's my run down. You can use different mixtures of oils for different complexions (she explains it better in her blog post at Simple Mom!)

As for me, I use:


A few drops of tea tree oil- it helps with my acne and is also an antibacterial. (I order my essential oils through Be Young Essential Oils. My MIL is a distributor, so that's why. BUT, you can find them all over!)

A few drops of lavender essential oil- it helps with inflammation and reduces scars.

A dime size drop of grapeseed oil- it's rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it balances both oily and dry patches, and I like how it moisturizes. It's not heavy. It's great at penetrating the pores. It's also a great carrier oil.'s awesome stuff.

Some people use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) instead of grapeseed oil. I tried worked GREAT, but grapseed oil had a lot milder smell. If you can't find grapeseed oil, olive oil is the way to go for sure!!! Just make sure it's the extra virgin kind. (you can find this oil at any grocery store!)

And lastly, about another dime size drop of castor oil- basically...just another freaking awesome oil for your face. The oils have this magical way of moisturizing your face just right. Then, your pores don't produce extra oil because they don't need to. Which, in turn, reduces acne. It's really amazing. (you can find this oil in drugstores...I got mine from Walmart for about $3)

After I have it all in my hands I rub them together to get it mixed up really well and I massage it all over my face. I really work it into my pores. I love how the tea tree oil makes my skin feel kind of tingly, and the lavender is so relaxing. :)

Then, I take a wash cloth and hold it under really warm water, wring it out, and put it on my face until it cools off. This opens up the pores and the oils draw the dirt and crud out. I rinse out the washcloth, warm it back up with the water and put it on my face a few more times. Then I give my face a good rinsing and wipe any left over oil that might have gotten into my hairline away and I'm all done! OH!!! And the oils are an awesome makeup remover, too!

I LOOOOVE the way my skin feels after I do this! I am so happy I found this Pin!

And that's all I have to say about that. :) If you have any questions, let me know!


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Ali said...

i'm definitely intrigued! can i ask where you got those oils and how much they were?

Natalie said...

Ali, I get my oils from a place called Be Young essential oils (my MIL is a distributor), the Tea Tree was $28 and the lavender was $26 and the big thing of grapeseed was $22. It sounds expensive, but they last FOREVERRRR! You can find the oils all over the place, it seems like everyone is selling them now! They have them for cheaper through for half the price, too. Here's a whole set of the top 6 essential oils including tea tree and lavender for $19.

I hope that helps! :)

Natalie said...

OH!!!! And I just got the castor oil and the extra virgin olive oil from Walmart! I think the castor oil was like 3 bucks and I have no clue how much the olive oil was...

ByBy said...

Hey, Nat, you look great! May be two month ago I found about this oil cleansing method, but using just extra virgin olive oil and castor oil. I decide to give it a try and it works very well. Unfortunately I'm not that consistent.:(

Julie said...

My brain just exploded. I will have to return and ask you a BUNCH of ?'s.

Lara said...

I know this hippie--I mean girl--who switched to EVOO to wash her hair, face, shave her legs, moisturize her body, etc. I can't imagine it working on hair, but who knows?

So I just wanted to clarify - you didn't use a separate soap or anything to remove your makeup? What about eye makeup? Do the oils sting your eyes? Did you use a special eye makeup remover?

Do you concoct your oils in your hand each time or make a batch of it in a separate container?

Natalie said...

Lara, I just make a new batch in my hand every time. I could probably mix it all together but I haven't. And I haven't gotten it in my eyes yet...I just make sure they're closed tight when I'm rubbing the oil on. I haven't used a separate eye makeup remover. If you're worried about getting the tea tree in your eyes, just use plain castor oil for that part. :)

Lisa said...

K, gotta know... does this help with the black head dots on the nose? Hate those things!

tiffanynlister said...

I myself have been battling the worst acne I've ever had. I had read about washing my face with oils and even talked to my esthetician friend about it, but have been hesitant to try it--does seem weird to put more oil on my face when I have an very oily T-zone--but according to my friend, treating like with like helps with the problem!! I've always used EVOO on my skin and love the results I get with it. Guess I'll be stopping by Sprouts and buying me some oils!!

PS--I LOVE your blog!! Thanks for making me laugh, cry and for all your cute creations!! Oh how I miss you!!

Lauren @ 31diy said...

That's awesome! Your face looks beautiful and glowing. I need to try this out :)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! It does make me nervous to think about rubbing more oil onto my already oily skin, but if my face can look as good as yours than I'm sold! Ugh, the zits popping up on my face lately are reminding me of high school all over again. Not cool!

breanneryanmurray said...

HAVE to try this for sure!! Sounds awesome!!

jessica. said...

I just talked Matt into letting me order a bunch of oils off Amazon! I've been an essential oil believer for years and I use them to cure basically everything, but never to wash my face. It's been struggling severely lately though, so I figure it's time to try something new. Thanks for the recommendation! Miss you sister!

miss.e.motional said...

I have been meaning to try this!! Thanks so much for the post. I am off to buy the oils TONIGHT! :):)

Linsey said...

Ok, Natalie, I have some questions about this. Please email me at so I can ask you. Thanks!

Julie said...

Well I thought I'd put an updated comment on this. I've been doing it for about 2 weeks now. I still am breaking out but perhaps to a lesser degree. I have heard that anytime to change to a new skin routine, your skin might need time to adjust. I've also heard that sometimes it cleans out the old crap from underneath. Let's hope one or both of these is true for me. I have had a major improvement in the feel of my skin and the even-ness of it and find it so much nicer to apply make up. I also have SUPER sensi skin and this has really helped it get to a good neutral. Thanks Nat. Hopefully it will just keep getting better. Oh and once my washcloth is done, I wash my feet with it. It makes them feel and smell so nice and also has been moisturizing them.

Sandy said...

I guess its been a year in a half so I was wondering if you still use this method?! I just started ; )