Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tissue Paper Party Decorations Tutorial

I have some birthday parties coming up, and a super awesome blog BFF asked how to make the party decorations from THIS POST for her daughters 2nd birthday! So, here is the tutorial on how to make the tissue paper streamers! BTW, all of the decorations in this post were made from things I got from Dollar Tree. I only spent $4!

* (You can find the tutorial for the big tissue paper flowers HERE. )*
*(And a mess free pinata HERE.)*


*TISSUE PAPER 6-8 pieces
*AN IRON (optional)
*CREPE PAPER (optional)

Here are your supplies...

Square up all the tissue paper together and cut them in half.

Now, take each half and fold it in half again.

Since the tissue paper is pretty wrinkled, iron them to make them nice and flat. (You don't necessarily have to do this...I just think it looks nicer.)

Square them up again and secure the top with some bobby pins or paper clips. Start to cut the paper into strips, but stop about 1-2 inches from the top! (About where the bobby pins end!)

Separate your pieces. Take your glue stick and glue across the top in the center of the uncut part. Stick your ribbon to the glue.

Now fold over the top and it will stick to the glue.

Attach the other pieces just like the first one. You can leave a little ribbon showing in between them, or put them all right next to eachother. Whatever you like better. ;)

N0w, you can put it up on the wall! You can use thumb tacks or double sided tape.

For a little more pizazz, you can easily add a strip of crepe paper over the streamer. Just snip the bottom edge to fray it! (This is attached to our table.)

Also, you can make strips of snipped crepe paper and wrap it around things like bowls and cups!

Add some little umbrella toothpicks, and those giant tissue paper flowers, and you have yourself an amazing VERY INEXPENSIVE set-up for a fun party!



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Unknown said...

Love love love it!!!! Ironing tissue paper???????? Didn't know you could do that! I can't wait to make everything!! Thank you so much for posting!!! I'll be sure to post some party pictures!! You're the best!

Christine {Pure Joy} said...

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