Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby McKayla

Yaaaaay! McKayla is finally here! She was born on Sunday at 1:46 a.m. She weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 20 inches long. Rachel and Mike both did an incredible job! Rachel made labor sound like it was like going to a spa or something, she just did so well! And Mike just looks so happy, and proud. I am so happy for them, I wish I could be there to hold her! She is just the cutest little thing. She is so pretty! She has such delicate little features and dark hair (hmmm, wonder where she got that from?) Rachel sounds like she's taking to being a mother very well! I love the above picture, what a sweet moment, such a beautiful image of motherhood. Mom is there and she is just so happy to be there! We are blessed to have such a wonderful mom. She has such a big heart. I don't know how we would survive without her!

Friday, February 15, 2008

latest report...

Well, I haven't written in a while, and figure it's about time I get to it! Things have been so crazy lately with my new calling. I love my girls, though. They are so sweet and always run over and give me big ol' hugs. It's so nice to have people who are happy to see me!

I somehow hurt my knee over the past month and it just keeps getting worse. I swear my knee has turned into mush (seriously, if I push on it, it's squishy instead of hard like tendons). So, I think I'd better break down and get to the doctor or something. I'm so hesitant because we just finally paid off my hospital bills from my last surgery, and I'm so scared they'll want to go in and drain my knee or something. But it's just getting to the point where I can't stand the pain anymore, and it's getting harder to get up the stairs, and even hard to drive. (yeah, scary.)

Um, let's see. What else. Ah, tornado season has begun out here. I forgot how much I hate spring here. It's beautiful and all, but the storms are terrifying! I've never seen anything like these beastly storms, where the whole sky seems to turn blackish green, and the clouds are so thick and low and they seem to be bubbling and swirling and the lightning is SO crazy and loud. I was watching the weather forecast and tomorrow is supposed to be really bad. Houston was in the big "red" highlighted area which means there will be severe weather, and the nice big "TORNADOES LIKELY" with an arrow pointing right at us. Ugh! It wouldn't be so bad accept for that we have no basements here because the water table is so high because we're close to the coast. So, we just have to hide in a closet and hope that nothing hits us. There have been several tornadoes here within the past 5 years or so. One ripped off a wall of Dillards at the mall, one threw around some planes at our airport (which is just about a mile away from our house), one ripped the garage off of our Relief Society President's house and just about "sucked up" her husband when he ran out to see what on earth all the ruckus was! So, sadly, I know they do happen here....and I just pray it doesn't happen to us! Actually, last year we had a tornado warning for our area, and it was about 5 a.m. and I had to get the kids up and we sat in the "tornado closet" until the storm passed. We didn't have any damage to our house other than some broken limbs from surrounding trees, but a few neighborhoods away it ripped off the roof of an apartment complex. So, I'm guessing it was just a funnel cloud when it passed over our neighborhood. (sigh) I'm not looking forward to this's a few pictures of one of the storms rolling in for you. Though a picture doesn't quite do it justice.... ; )

Everything else seems to be going well. Rachel is due any day now, and it just kills me that I can't be there with her. I would give anything to be there. I'm so excited for her, and nervous, and I've never felt anything like this before! I remember being so scared the first time, not knowing if everything would be okay, or if the baby would be okay, or if Mike would pass out...(hahaha, I think she actually said the exact same thing...) I know it's all in the Lord's hands and things will be fine, but I just wish I could be there to give her a big hug and help her through it, and wipe her forehead, and bring her ice chips, and hold her hand, and hear that sweet little first cry from my little niece. I just miss and love Rachel so much. I'd better move on to another subject because now I'm bawling like a baby!

Well, that's about all I can do for tonight. I think that about covers everything.....until next time, hasta la pasta!