Monday, March 7, 2011

Pretend Makeup Tutorial

Okay, all my ladies out there....this is AWESOME. Like...possibly life changing awesome.

Do you have makeup that looks like this?

Or this???

I'm talking the lid completely broken off...fingers dug into the eyeshadow....lipstick with gouges or teeth marks in it...really sad, pathetic makeup that is trashed. But you still love the colors and can't make yourself throw them away? Is it because you are a mom with a certain little tiny someone who LOVES to play in your makeup? Well, I think I found the solution!

Let's play a game, shall we? Let's take a trip to Sesame Street. Remember the song/game "One of these things is not like the of these things just isn't the same...blah blah's time to play our game."

Can YOU tell which one of these doesn't belong?

You're right. It's the lipgloss. Totally not my color. Just kidding....the answer is:

The brightly colored eye shadow and the blush. It's totally fake! This is an awesome craft I stumbled upon while blog hopping. The blog is by Stephanie at Playing House and she has tons of cute ideas for people with preschoolers. Check her out! She did a really awesome giveaway/tutorial for some pretend makeup. I had NO clue it was fake when I saw it! I didn't win the giveaway, (so sad, *sniff sniff*) So I decided to venture out and follow her tutorial to make my own. Annnnnd... off to Dollar Tree I went.

All you need are these:

FOAM SHEETS $1 for a pack of 32



Now, put the makeup on a plate or paper towel and score each of the sections of makeup like so....

then dump it out in the trash or sink or wherever. Make sure to get it out of all the corners.

Now you take your foam and press it onto the makeup squares to make an indent...

(See? I told you Stephanie was a genius!) Now you have perfect little lines to show where to cut the foam. So, cut out all the colors you want to fill up the sections and hot glue them in! That's it! How cute is that!?!

All done!

Let's just say it was a HUGE hit! (See the little one in the background? She is the guilty little toddler who mutilated my makeup. Little stinker. She's lucky she's so cute.)

Let's give a big shout out to Stephanie for her awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Now, go save the life of your makeup and pull some pranks on your mischievous toddlers. BAHAHAHAHAH. (No really.)


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Jen @JensOwnRoad.blogspot. said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to try it for my 2 year old!

Tatum said...

You are right, it's brilliant and life-changing! What a great idea! Thanks for finding and sharing!

Sadie Jane said...

OH my gosh!! How fun is that! That is such a great idea!! I am going to do that when reagan is old enough!! I clicked on your name and it shows which blogs are yours! Thats how I found your photography blog! Your a doll!! NOw i'm a follower of THIS blog too!!

The Mursets said...

That is such a great idea! Ava loves to put on my makeup in the morning, but usually lets me just pretend to put it on her, but this would keeps her entertained for sure...any ideas on how to keep her out of my OPI nail polishes??

Sadie Jane said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about my post. I definitely feel like I was born to be a nurturer. Thanks for your kind words to emily too!! You are so sweet to support her!

The Yoder's Four said...


JamieS said...

This is too cute! I know it would be a hit for my 4 yr old!

Christina said...

Awesome! Such a neat idea! I can't wait to do this project for my daughters and my nieces. :)

April said...

Great idea!!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Love this!

~ Sarah

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