Friday, April 6, 2012

Stephen Update: Unexpected Surprise of the GOOD KIND!

Here's the latest update! It is SO wonderful to read such a happy post! :)

* * *

The title of this post does not lie. Stephen had an exceptional day today (taken in perspective). When yesterday he was nearly comatose, today he was nearly running around the house and juggling bowling balls! Ok, that's a fairly large exaggeration, but get a load of this:

Stephen woke us up this morning at 4 am wanting sips of root beer. This continued for about an hour and a half before he went back to sleep. By this time I had to get up to take Sabin to her early morning seminary class.

Once about 7am rolled around, and the kids were getting ready for school he was awake again. His eyes were open and he was sociable. He even hollered goodbye to the front door from our bedroom as Adam and Sabin walked out the door. We haven't heard him with a voice like that in weeks.

Once Rebecca left for school I transferred him from his hospice bed to ours and he watched TV, talked to me and drank more while I faded in and out due to exhaustion. Amber was so tired she could actually not be woken even if we talked to her.

Stephen wanted to go to the circus this morning. What? Yes, the circus. I don't know what brought that to mind.

Then he requested watermelon!!! He has refused to eat for a week and a half, but suddenly wanted watermelon. Just about that time Amber's sister Libby called and she said she would get some and bring it over. He ate several bites of it! We couldn't believe it. (I took video of this and because I can't post it here, will do so on Facebook)

He has been trying to sit up by himself. Sometimes he's pulled it off and sometimes not, but he's been exerting himself. He even dropped a fork we were using to stir a medicated drink and tried to get off the couch and bend over to pick it up. I was able to assist him before he collapsed.

One side note: Stephen has been developing yet another tumor. This one seems to be in the muscle on his right thigh. We haven't written about it yet, but found it on Monday by chance. We have watched it at least double in size over the last few days. It's about the size of an elongated ping-pong ball, cut in half and slid under his skin. It is not causing him any pain.

Even though this new tumor is growing, his sickly appearance and physical strength are no different than yesterday, he has behaved completely different today. It has been delightful.

At the same time, we are aware that many close to death will have a day or a number of hours like this just before the end comes. Whatever the reason for this boost in mood and energy, we are DELIGHTED.

He only took about a two hour nap today, has wanted me by his side constantly and has been going and going...

Its after 10:30pm and I just kissed him goodnight. That is absolutely incredible. This day was nothing like we had expected. I am hearing Spongebob sing "It's the Best Day Ever" in my head. We let him stay up so late because we have been afraid that this will be all we get.

No matter what tomorrow brings, we are so fortunate to have had this day.


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Wendy Cutter said...

I love little Stephen. I have been praying for him and his family. I am so sad. :(