Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nat's Top Ten Pins of the Week

Happy Saturday! It sure was a long week. We had the flu bug hit our house and man, it hit HARD. I am still catching up on washing all of the laundry that were victims of vomit. *gag*

Now, on to something MUCH better, here's Nat's Top Ten Pins of the Week!

1. Craft Of The Week

This is super cute and it looks SUPER easy. Why didn't I think of this!?! It's a cheater quilt. You just sew squares on a down comforter and call it good! 

2. Cute Outfit Of The Week
Oooh, grey and green. A color combo I don't think I've ever seen put together, but I love it! 

3. Tip Of The Week

Did you know that you can break open glow sticks and dump them into a bottle of bubbles for glow in the dark bubbles!?! AAAAAH! Dollar Tree, here I come!!!

4. Kid Friendly Craft Of The Week

Turn water noodles into fun backyard pool toys! I know they sell these at Dollar Tree, too. Hmmmmm. :)

5. Good Laugh Of The Week 
 Speaking of laundry...this is so true. And sad. And freaking hilarious. I know exactly how she feels. 

6. Inspirational Quote Of The Week poor parents. Hahah! Or is it poor me??? I know I'll come back to this when my kids are teenagers. I know I will totally be a stalker mom. A spy plane to escort them on dates? Heck yes.

7. Drool Of The Week

Okay. We made these this week...they are UH-MA-ZING!!! They went FAST. This is definitely a new family favorite! (dip them in nacho won't regret it.)

8. Beauty Tip Of The Week

Have you always wanted those gorgeous beach waves but don't know how? Apparently this is the trick! Can't wait to try this one either.

9. Home Inspiration Of The Week 
DUDE.  Use an upcycled dresser as a media center!?! Genius!!!

10. DIY Of The Week

How about a list of cleaners you can make yourself at home? Yes please!

And there you have it! Man...I love Pinterest. :)  Want to follow along with me on Pinterest? Click on the link!

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3 people leaving some love!:

Jennifer said...

Natalie, your link for the beauty tip with the be achy waves takes you to the pretzels, the pretzels takes you to the pretzels too -- just a heads up!

Delle said...

#8 linked me back to #7. Hope you can fix it because I want to see the hairdo!!! Thanks!

Natalie said...

AAAAH! Oh my gosh, good catch girls! I guess I was REALLY excited about those pretzles! Hahah! The link is fixed. Thanks for the heads up! ((HUGS))