Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nat's Top Ten Pins of the Week

Yaaaaay! I love the Top Ten Pins of the Week posts! I get so excited to share the fun things I've found this week! I hope YOU all had a great week, too! Mine was fabulous and I'm ready for another! Each day, spring gets closer and closer and I CAN'T WAIT for it to warm up! So...since my thoughts are with Spring, let's have some nice fun Spring Pinsperation, shall we? Here's this week's Top Ten Pins of the Week!

1. Craft of the Week

I know Spring wreaths have been on my mind lately. My Spring wreath from last year is begging for a makeover. This one is so cute! I love the bright colors. I know Dollar Tree sells foam balls...maybe I could even do it with some of my leftover Christmas ornaments, too??? We shall see....

2. Cute Outfit of the Week

Oh how I love yellow and gray together! I love everything about this. Those sandals are ADORABLE! I'm so looking forward to cute sandal weather!

3. *DROOL* of the week

Time to get ready for those swimsuits! These look delish AND healthy! Just a little waffle bowl (found with the ice cream cones) some yogurt (I love Yoplait Light and Fit Vanilla yogurt) and some fresh berries and kiwi? Yes please!

4. Fittness Tip of the Week

UGH! This is seriously one of my biggest problem areas. I hate, hate HATE my arms! The horrible jiggly arms are also lovingly referred as lunch lady arms, flabby fenders, chorister flaps, or relief society arms. I call them Bingo Wings.

Imagine an 80 year old, slightly wrinkled, blue-hair grandma sitting at the Bingo hall and she just got five in a row. Her arm shoots into the air, she waves her hand back and forth while yelling “Bingo! Bingo!” Nice visual, huh?

5. Quote of the Week

Great quote. It's so true! We are so blessed to have all that we have. Sure, someone out there will ALWAYS have MORE than we have, but someone out there will also ALWAYS have LESS than what we have. Be grateful, be happy about it, and make the best of everything. It reminds me of the Little Princess. Remember how she lost everything and was kicked into the yucky old attic? Yet she stayed bright and optimistic and just the sweetest thing ever. I want to be like her. :)

6. Tip of the Week

This is awesome!!! Here's the link to some free printables of Kitchen Conversions to keep close at hand when you're cooking. I know I need one of these for sure. many teaspoons are in a gallon??? :)

7. Hairstyle of the Week
Oh my gosh, this looks BEAUTIFUL and SOOOO easy!!! This will be a Natalie go-to hairstyle for sure. LOVE IT. It would be super cute with the outfit of the week...hmmmmm.

8. Kid Craft of the Week

This is genius. Travel Tic Tac Toe! Throw one in your purse for when your kids start to get bored. Like on our long drive to Houston for Spring Break...EIGHTEEN HOURS, my friends. I am so doing this! And putting one in my church bag.

9. Home Inspiration of the Week

Oh mercy...teal and old stuff and white. All together! I would LOVE to have this in my house! I'll be on the lookout for elements similar to these now! I have a bathroom shelf thing just dying to be filled with pretty things!

10. Tutorial of the Week

Would you ever guess that these are not on canvas!?! These are just Styrofoam and scrapbook paper! Ohhh....the possibilities with this! Canvas can be so expensive! Love this idea.

And there you have it! My Top Ten Pins of the Week! I hope you all had a great weekend!

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See you again soon! Thanks for stopping by! I really am so excited and happy to be blog BFF's with all of you! It means so much to me when you stop by and say hi! :)


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~Bekah said...

omg i love all these and the Styrofoam canvas-look-alike is my FAV!!! as well as the magnetic travel tic tac toe!! adorable!!! shelby needs one of those for sure!! :) i need to do one of those "Fake" canvas collages for shelby's playroom :) Could even be done w/ photos!

Donna Leavitt said...

I hope to see you guys when you are in town for spring break. Will you guys come to our ward on Sunday while you are here?

The Yoder's Four said...

I want that yellow cardigan and gray purse! My birthday is in a few weeks!! Hmmmm I might have to treat myself...

PS. Can't wait to see your playroom!