Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thrift Store Finds: HELP!

I went thrifting this week and I'm super excited about my finds! However...I need advice on what to do with them now! I'm torn between leaving them the way they are, or trying to change them up. What do you guys think???

The first thing I found was this owl cookie jar for $2.50! Should I leave it brown? Should I spray paint it a fun color? If you think spray paint it, what color would you choose?

My next find was this huge Coldwater Creek bag!$4. I spotted it from clear across the room. It's the perfect size for a Church bag or something. LOVE IT. Should I leave it or give it a pop of color, too?

Then, there is this. It's an a local person, I think. $10. But OH MY GOSH, it's beautiful! The frame has really pretty details.

The painting is really pretty, too. I believe they are poppies...

So...what do I do!?! Do I leave it the way it is and hang it in my house? Do I take out the canvas and just use the cute frame? Do I paint the frame? Do I leave the frame? It already looks shabby chic... AHHH! I don't know what to do! Which doesn't happen very often...hahah!
So...what do you guys think?

Owl options:
Leave it.
Paint it.
Paint it-what color?

Purse options:
Leave it. Embellish it. Any ideas on how? Links PRETTY PRETTY please! :)

Painting options
Leave it alone and hang it.
Take out canvas and just use frame the way it is.
Take out canvas and paint frame- what color?
Do I leave the frame empty? Do I turn it into something like one of those chicken wire memo boards? Add mesh and turn it into a jewelry organizer?

I can't wait to hear your ideas! Thank you SOOO much!


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Tausha said...

HOLY CRAP! How in the HECK do you find this cute stuff? When I go thrifting, I feel like HALF (or more than half) of the stuff belongs in the trash. BUMMER.

Owl- Paint it. I like white {always} or that bubblegum is DIVINE.

Purse- PERFECT church purse, I think it's perfect white

Frame- Painting is cute, but I'd ditch it, spray paint the frame, and make it a chalk board!

(Oh, and if you decide you hate the owl, you can send it my way. *wink wink*)

Anonymous said...

You seriously do find the CUTEST things! Here are my votes:

Paint the owl that gorgeous bluegreen;

Add some of the pretty fabric rosettes to your bag that you've put on your necklaces in the past (love those!);

And I actually like the painting just the way it is! You could also paint the frame a beautiful red or deep orange to bring out some of the colors in the painting!

Such cuuuuuute finds! I'm excited to see what you do with all of them! :)

marie said... thrift store doesn't have fun stuff like this!

I vote for painting the owl the blue-green that!
The purse is great, but maybe it needs a big springy flower.
The framed poppies is a perfect piece just the way it is.

Have fun with your treasures!

Stephanie said...

Love that owl!!!! I would paint him white, blue green, or avocado. I have the perfect spot for him in my kitchen if you decide he needs a new home ;)

I am not crazy about the purse. sorry! I think I would just leave it white.

I love the painting as well. It is gorgeous as is but I also love the idea above of painting the frame a fun color and creating a chalkboard OR covering the middle with cork board and some pretty fabric to make a message/ inspiration board.

I can't wait to see what you come up with --- make sure you share :)

Amy said...

Love it all! I would paint the owl red...but I am a red junkie. I would add a pop of color to the purse, even if its just something simple. And I would leave the painting/frame as is :)

Mike & Rachel Barton said...

LOVE the owl. I'd leave it like it is.

Purse.. no idea.

Painting.. send it to me! :)

Good finds!

Julie said...

I love, love the owl. $2.50?! I'm considering a trip! I'm torn. I love how it looks like a real owl but spray painting it would make it totally look Anthropologie. I like all the colors.

The purse does need a pop of color or bling. For you I'd say bling. Maybe an old broach or old lady pin. ;-)

The picture is really pretty. I like the frame too but I don't really like the gold part. I would take it off and maybe put a burst of color on it where the gold is. Red or that turquoisey blue of the small flowers. I could also see it with a more modern frame and using this old school frame as a jewelry frame but knowing you, you already have a frame. This is the hard part of finding treasures at thrift. Sometimes, it kills me to undo the vintage of something.

Robin@thesweetestpear said...

Well, now that you've had a number of differing opinions, I'll add another. I vote clementine for that sweet little owl. Also, the painting to me is sweet and I'd leave it. The purse I've got no ideas for. Great thrifting finds!

Beck said...

I can never find good things when I thrift! As for your finds? I'd paint the owl in dodger blue. :)
The bag I would slightly embellish with a few flowers near one of the handles. And maybe it's because I like spray painting like new, I'd spray paint the frame. :)

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

i can't believe i am saying this but i think i would leave everything the way it is! i so agree with Julie -- it soooo looks like it came directly from Anthropologie --i am usually a paint nut -- but i think i would leave it be!

the frame -- i like it just the way it is -- or maybe a fun bulletin board! whatever -- it is going to look fabulous!

sending hugs to you -- Stephen and your whole family...

Jessica B said...

Wow, really cute stuff!

Owl - I would definitely paint it. I really like the blue green paint color.

Purse - I would add an embelishment of some kind but I'm not really sure what. I will have to think about that.

Frame - I really like the idea of making it a jewelry organizer.

Lisa said...

That owl is seriously awesome and I like it as is or the honey mustard color.