Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update on Stephen: MRI Results

Good news, they didn't find a tumor growing in Stephen's spine! However, they are still baffled at what could be causing his pain and his difficulties not being able to urinate. They wonder if maybe the cancer cells are attacking the lining of the spinal column, which could explain the nerve problems. I'll let you know if I hear anything else. Thank you for your prayers! Everyone is just so relieved that there was no tumor! They made friends with two other little boys and their families at St. Jude while they were there. Today, they got news that those two little boys lost their battle with AT/RT cancer. Please, keep the families of Ayden and Talon in your prayers. Cancer is such a horrible, HORRIBLE thing. :(


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The Brock Family said...

NATALIE!!!!! You keep dissapearing off of FB and I cant find your email address!!!! I need to get a hold of you. We are thinking about heading down your way this summer and I want to talk to you!!!!


email me at

Wendy Cutter said...

Thank you for the update. It breaks my heart for these poor families who lose their children. :( Yes, cancer sucks. My cousin died at age 34 and left behind a husband and two precious boys, thanks to cancer. I'll never understand why such great people have to bear such a terrible affliction.

The Rivas Family said...

Nat, will you e-mail me when you get a chance? I have a question for you. Hope you are doing well! Love you! Mindi