Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{Lesson Learned} "Helpful" Toddlers!!!

Scene: Natalie walks out of bathroom.

Kate is smiling holding the paint roller covered in lime green paint. "See Mom, I help you paint!"


"!!!! Oh my gosh...oh my gosh..." *looking around frantically for more "help"*

(dreading husband coming home and seeing the carpet....)

(goal for not yelling this week= OVER)

*laugh or cry??? A little of both?*

If she wasn't so dang cute and proud of herself for helping me I'd be a little more upset.

This is why you should not go to the bathroom without bringing your 2 year old with you when you are trying to paint a room. *sigh*

"Every child is an Artist."
- Pablo Picasso


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Laura said...

Oh no, Natalie! This totally sounds like something my kids would have done. I hope it comes out of the carpet!

DeAnn @ The SIP project said...

See what happens when you make goals not to yell anymore ;) Did it come out of the carpet? If not I guess we will see a tutorial on your blog soon about how to make paint stains look like they were on purpose...or something like that. You'll look back and laugh one day!

Donna Leavitt said...

OOPS! My husband says the doll house looks cute like that. The colors go together. I have successfully removed paint from carpet. About half a gallon of light turquoise paint got spilled on my daughter's beige carpet. Lots of water and a shop vac later, it was OK. (It was water based, though.) Good luck. Maybe the bookcase would look cute green, too.

Wendy Cutter said...

My favorite part of this post was the Picasso quote. Tee hee!

Anonymous said...

:( Oh no. I cringe at the thought of this happening. And what makes it harder is how your little artist thought she was helping! Haha... oh, little ones... :)