Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Challenge: Pintrest Inspired Copycat {WEEK 1}

Ah, the wonderful yet addicting world of Pintrest. I don't know about you, but for me it's like being a kid in a candy store {without a creepy Willy Wonka breathing down your neck}...eye candy everywhere you look! You can throw everything in your basket guilt free by pinning it and then forget about it two seconds later when you see something else you love. In my Pintrest I have a page called "Gotta Do This". I finally made a goal that I would actually start DOING the things on my Gotta Do This List. And, I am proud to say I have 2 of them accomplished now! Only like a hundred left to go. My goal is to make at least one thing a week from Pintrest. Want to join me? If you do, let me know!

First on my list, a quilt. We got Kate and Whitney bunk beds a few months ago, and I've been wanting to get them matching quilts. I looked and looked at online stores and didn't find anything I was madly in love with. And then I saw this on Pintrest: Be still my was love at first sight. It was colorful, it was shabby, it was perfect!

So, I clicked on the link. Hello, etsy! *GASP* $300 for the quilt. Oh so sad. Then I went to and bought all of the fabrics for about $50 (that's for 2 quilts!).

I also liked the stripes of this one. So, I put the two ideas together...

and I got to work. Now I know why it costs $300 for a quilt. Holy crud...they take forrrrrrrever to make! It took me 3 days to make this baby.

And a close up...

I am madly in love with it. I also made matching throw fun!

Now, I have to bring myself to start on the other quilt for the top bunk. I can't decide whether to make them the same or different. What do you think???

And, for my next week's Pintrest Copycat:

I love these bathroom printables from J. and A. and Co. blog!

I think I'll come up with some of my own to match our kids' bathroom! So...stay tuned and I'll have some free printables for you next week! *can't wait!*


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Jessica said...

I know it! I just made my baby a quilt and I decided I probably won't make another for... ten years? They do take so long! Yours turned out great though! Even better than the one you originally pinned! Great job. So nice to see bright, happy colors in contrast to your other posts. Hang in there. Prayers for your family and especially that sweet little boy.

Jennifer said...

Rag quilts are one of my favorite things to make! I'd love for you to link this up to my Pinned it, Made it Party! It goes live tomorrow at

Melissa said...

Hey Natalie,

This is Melissa Johnson (Maria and Annie's sister) Can you email me at I have a question for you.


Anonymous said...

That quilt is GORGEOUS! Someday when I learn my way around a sewing machine I'll have to try making one for Emma. I think it would be really cute to make the second quilt in the same fabrics but a slightly different pattern--arranging them just differently enough that they're the same but different (if that even makes sense)!

Beck said...

It looks fabulous! I wish I had the time or energy to make one for each of my kids.

Tatum said...

I am so impressed- so very impressed. The quilt is darling! You are creative MACHINE! Would it make faster to make the next quilt the same? i don't know, I like the idea of each one different too - how is that for helpful?

Tracy said...

I love this quilt and had it marked as a fave on Etsy too! I plan on a DIY quilt too. Can you tell me which fabrics are the first one and the fourth one from top down?

Natalie said...

Tracy, most of the fabrics I used are from the Kate Spade Kumari Garden line.

Here's the order in the fabric picture:
1. Sujata Pink
2. Lalit Pink
3. Tanaya Pink
4. Sanjay Pink
5. Tarika Gem
6. Kamal in Moss (didn't use)
7. Jeevan Pink
8. Marala Pink (didn't use)

The stripes of turquoise leopard and the pink leopard prints were actually just from the Walmart $2 yard section! Hope that helps! :)

Tracy said...

Awesome, thanks!! You and I have very similar taste. I stumbled upon your blog and was shocked to see Kate's room looks exactly like the nursery I'm putting together for my little girl who arrives in June. Love your blog!

april@gingerbread said...

OK I love love love this bedspread! So bright and happy! I hope you will link up with me here:

The Yoder's Four said...

SUPER adorable quilt!! I'd make the next one a little different, just so each girl can have one special just for her. I have never made a quilt that big--that is a LOT of work!! Love the fabric you chose! :)

Sew Country Chick said...

I love your pretty quilt with the raw edges AND your lovely blog design! Thanks for posting and have a great day!

Jenny said...

I love it! I have those quilts pinned too. I really wish I could make one for my queen size bed, but I just don't have patience. I might have to start saving for the $300 one. LOL!

Jenny said...

Also, I'd go with the same fabrics for the other bed, but maybe change up the layout?

Kerry said...

This is stunning! You did such a great job! I have never made a quilt before but have been toying with the idea. Did you use a pattern if so I would love to see which one you used! Have a great weekend!

Lolly Jane said...

Freak, Nat! You're too talented!! LOVE!!!

Christine said...

Oh my..... that's one magnificent quilt!!! I would make a matching quilt but maybe change the pattern!!

Sure hope you'll link this up over on my blog:

Jill ~ Jillify It said...

Soooo cute! Love the quilt! I would love for you to link up at my party going on now! (It's my very first one!)


Jill ~ Jillify It said...

Thanks for linking up to the party at Jillify It!! Hope to see you again next week!


Natalie Dixon said...

Just featured this in my Sunday Wrap-up! Woot, woot!! Thanks for sharing!

Rebekah said...

It's beautiful! I'd love to know how you made it - did you use a pattern or is there a tutorial somewhere?
So cute!

Mike Pearson said...

I've always wanted to make a rag quilt. It's so difficult to put an entire quilt in the tiny throat space of my machine. I hear these are easier because they are "quilt as you go." Thanks for sharing!

Katie Adams said...

You did a fabulous job! I love the quilt! I would love for you to share this with my readers on Blog Stalking Thursday!

Maysem said...

You did a beautiful job! I've been wanting to make a rag quilt's on my to do list:D I've been procrastinating because it does seem like it takes forever..LOL! Pinning yours too:D

Maysem @

Kelly said...

One of my friends from college pinned your quilt. I'm gonna tell her I real-life know NatSprat!

Shirley Tener said...

I know I am a littl late just checking read.. Did you make the pillow cases?

Natalie said...

Hi Shirley! Yes, I did! If you want the details let me know! :)