Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nat's Top Ten Pins of the Week

Hello, hello! What a crazy week! I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for a new week to start! However, looking at the bright side, I found some WONDERFUL pins this week. So, without much further adieu, here is this week's edition of Nat's Top Ten Pins of the Week!

1. Home Sweet Home: DIY wainscoting

I just found this awesome blog (through this Pin!) called Centsational Girl and I seriously love her blog. There are all kinds of really awesome step by step DIY home improvement projects and stuff there. I would love to do this wainscoting somewhere in my house. I guess a lot of other people do, too! This baby was re-pinned 99 times!

2. Gotta Do This: St. Patrick's Day Themed Party

It's coming up soon! Not sure why we even celebrate it, but hey. How cute is this!?! I would love to throw this party, and I'm not even Irish. Seriously, SO CUTE. I love the gum ball display and the jell-o cups.

3. Beauty Bin: How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

Really. I've always wanted to know how to do this...

So has she.

4. *DROOL* Frozen Hot Chocolate

Saw this and thought of my sister, Rachel. (Hiiii Rachel! Love you! Miss you!!! All the way in in Paradise....sigh)

Frozen Hot Chocolate. I remember when we were teenagers she would get these from Dairy Queen all the time. And right now, it's at this strange point in the seasons where hot chocolate sounds too hot and ice cream sounds too cold. Surely this counts as middle ground? It sure looks good...

5. Good Laugh of the Week

I laugh out loud EVERY time I see this! Isn't this so true? For me it is, anyway. I see these GENIUS ideas on Pintrest and am like, "Dude...I can TOTALLY do this." So I do it. Only not very well. I'm seriously contemplating starting up a "Failure Friday" every week to prove to you that I am so not perfect! You should have seen the so-called Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies I tried to make this week....definitely NOT perfect. Harder than peanut brittle. So sad.

6. Things To Remember

This quote really struck me. There seems to have been a lot of yelling in our home lately. "Kate! Let go of my doll!", "Good grief, guys! STOP FIGHTING!!!", "Mommm, can you wipe me!?!" (hahah) Maybe it's just because we've all got cabin fever from winter or something...but it really does detract from the spirit and feel of the home. I would love to print, frame, and hang this in our home. Especially in the play room. Such a great quote by such a great person.

7. Ooh La La Outfits

I am loving these colors together! And totally digging the hoodie. Who knew you could make a hoodie look cute and casual? Oh, YOU did? Well...why didn't you tell me!?! Love it.

8. Gotta Do This: Alphabet Magnets

These would be so cute and easy to do! Great for little ones learning their alphabet and way better than those cheap old plastic ones that always fall off of the fridge. I'm making a few sets of these for some special little kiddos in my life for sure!

9. Fitness Love

Ah. The dreaded inner thighs. You tell them to go away and they just don't take you seriously. Well, do these 10 inner thigh exercises and they will! I've been doing them and I can tell a difference. So can my husband, which means that they really do work.

10. Freebie: Alphabet Picture Printables

Cuuute!!! Free photo letters! There are literally HUNDREDS of each letter. You just pick the ones you want, download them, print them, and display them however you want! I am definitely doing this!

Well, there you go! Hopefully you found something that struck your fancy! Have a FABULOUS rest of your weekend!


2 people leaving some love!:

Anonymous said...

You definitely had me laughing with those Cookie Monster cupcakes--HILARIOUS! That is soooo something that would happen to me. :) And I adore those magnetic letters! We need some of those for miss Emma!

Mike & Rachel Barton said...

Yum! Frozen hot chocolate. Thanks for the shout-out. :) Those abc's are way cute.