Monday, September 26, 2011

My First Senior Portrait Session!

My "little" brother is a senior this year and this weekend he asked me to take his Senior pictures for him. I was so excited...and nervous...but mostly excited! Most kids here get their pictures taken up in the mountains or something, and we really wanted to do something different. We decided to make them more "manly" and sort of urban grunge. I think we hit it right on!









and... I saved my favorite for last....


I'm really happy with the way they turned out.

And I am AMAAAAAZED at how much time goes in to post-editing pictures! These puppies took me around 8 hours! *gah!* It's no wonder photographers charge so much for pictures, it's a lot of work!

Photography is such an incredible thing...I love how you can freeze time. :)

Anyway, thanks for letting me do your pictures, Brett! It was a blast!


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Sara said...

I LOVE these!! Esp. #2 and #7!! You are more than welcome to link these pics up at my photo swap going on right now if you'd like!! ;)

The Mursets said...

Handsome dude! Nice pics too!

Lori said...

They are GREAT!!!

Unknown said...

Hellloooo handsome man! He is ADORABLE! And I LOVE that these are super preppy pictures - they look REAL. The last picture is my favorite too - EXCELLENT work!

Julie said...

Nice work Nat! I'm especially impressed with the sunlight streaming through the back and side ones and not having it jack the photo. How did you do that?

Michelle said...

Great job! I just did my 2nd Senior photo shoot! Question - do you edit in Photoshop?

The Yoder's Five said...

When did Brett grow up?! Wow, he definitely has changed. I love all the unique backdrops you found. Awesome pictures!! :)

Rebecca said...

These photos are AMAZING! Love the background too. I would have to agree, the last is the best. Your brother is a good lookin kid!!!

Seeing Each Day said...

These are great - especially liked your 1st & 3rd shot. You must be so happy with how they turned out - as no doubt your brother would be.

MommyMandi said...

Such great captures! I bet he was so proud!

Anonymous said...

stopping by from the little things link up.. these are fantastic, I mean really fantastic! editing photos does really take a lot of time..