Saturday, September 24, 2011

{You Know You Want One!}

It's official! I am selling these! It sounded like there was a lot of interest in my original post on My New Creation. I love this necklace because of the symbolism, it's just so sweet! There is an egg for each of my children, a bird to guard and care for the nest, and a heart for all my love. How perfect is that!?! Would you or someone you know like one, too? Well, now you can! :)

Here are the details

They are only $12, and that includes shipping. You just tell me how many "eggs" you want.

These are the "egg" options I have:
(I ran out of the Original turquoise)

The new super cute Speckled Turquoise which are the same size as the Original Turquoise

Aren't they cute!?! They remind me of robins eggs. :)

The Speckled Turquoise is smaller than the other 2 turquoises, so if you have more than 4 kids I would probably go with the speckled Turquoises unless you want a nest the size of a golf ball around your neck. ;)

Also, I have white freshwater pearls. You can use these for all of your eggs if you want, or if you or whoever the necklace is for has lost a child or baby this can replace the turquoise egg for them. It's like a little angel in your nest. *sniff sniff*


I have these angel wing charms as well. If you want all of the eggs in the nest the same and you or they have lost a child, I can add a pair of angel wings for each little angel they have.

When you decide what you want, I make it and then I put it on my All Things Natsprat blog ( with a PayPal button as a personalized listing just for you! And, as soon as it's paid for I send it to you. Easy as that! :) Let me know if you're interested! Order now, the holidays are coming up fast! These would be AWESOME Christmas presents! ;)


There are the mini nest necklaces! The turquoise are the same color as the original turquoise, but about half the size. So, if you order a mini necklace, these are the stones I will use. They are so cute and dainty! They're only $10 and that includes shipping! If you would like a little bird on it, please let me know. It is $1 extra. ;)

Thanks so much!


38 people leaving some love!:

~Bekah said...

I definitely want one!!!! I would like 3 eggs in the light turquoise :). Here's my email:

Lolly Jane said...

i want one. 4 stones, oringial turquoise is great.

email my personal address:

yippee! so cute! thanks (: Kelli

Emily said...

I'd love two-- both with original turquoise

1. 5 eggs (original turquoise)

2. 4 eggs (original turquoise)

These are beautiful!

onelovelylife (at) gmail (dot) com

mckay said...

I would love a mini one with three eggs in original turquoise. Thanks! mckay (dot) harris (at) gmail (dot) com

Courtney said...

I'd like to order four nest necklaces:

1. Mini with two original turquoise.

2. Mini with three original turquoise.

3. Regular with two dark turquoise.

4. Regular with four original turquoise.

My PayPal is

Thank you SO much! Hugs and prayers to Stephen.

Anonymous said...

I would love 2 necklaces both with 2 eggs in the original turqouise. My email is Thanks!!

Andi Marie said...

I would like one with 1 egg light turquoise please! :)

Thank you!

tannis*elyse said...

I would like to order two of these PLEASE!
Gorgeous little boy with an amazing family. What you are doing is an amazing gift.

I would like both necklaces full size
one with 2 stones (one dark one light)
one with 4 stones (4 original)

please email

tannis*elyse said...

I would like to order two of these PLEASE!
Gorgeous little boy with an amazing family. What you are doing is an amazing gift.

I would like both necklaces full size
one with 2 stones (one dark one light)
one with 4 stones (4 original)

please email

teayala said...

Hi there- Your necklaces are lovely as lovely as that little guy you're raising money for. I'd like a mini with two original turquoise eggs. Thanks

Lauren said...

I would like one of your necklaces with 2 light turquoise eggs, please! My email is

Ashley Z said...

We are thinking about your little one! What a wonderful thing you are doing to help. I would like to order 3 full size nest necklaces:

1. one egg in orginal turquoise
2. two eggs in original turquoise
3. one egg in original turquoise

Love them! Can't wait to give them as Christmas presents to my mom and sis! And is for me of course! ;)

Paypal address is

Thanks! Ashley

TiffGrace said...

I would like 2 mini nests.

1)1 egg

2 4 eggs

Thanks! Tiffany

Little Lovables said...

I would like one with 3 light turquoise eggs.


Mommy A said...

Do you have a picture of what it looks like with one stone?

Angie said...

Hi Natalie! I sent a post earlier regarding what i'd like to order, but I'd like to change it and add to it! I'd like to order the following:

1. 4 original turquoise eggs (reg size)
2. 6 original turquoise eggs (reg size)
3. 1 original turquoise egg (reg size)

My email is

Thank you! I can't wait to wear it!

The Moore Family said...

I would like to have one with four stones in the nest. I would like the regular size. My email address is


Matt and Morgan said...

I want one! I'd like a full size with 4 eggs. My email address is

V said...

i would like one! a mini with 2 original eggs

Anonymous said...

I would like a regular bird's next necklace with 3 egg for my hubby and two kids. Whatever you have on hand is fine. I wish I was there to help you. They are so pretty and it looks fun to make. All the pics on this blogspot make me so jealous. After I finish my degree I am TOTALLY lifting some of your ideas. Miss you!
Lisa Simmington

JDewolf said...

I would love to one of these the original turquoise works for me! 3 eggs and my email is and I can't get enough of this website!!

LAURA said...

Hi Natalie, I got my necklace today and all I can say is WOW!!! I need to order more please, I need one with 3 original turqoise and another with 5 original turqoise, for the 5 egg one do you have the wire in a gold tone? If so Id love that for the 5 egg one to match my moms uniform. if not regular silver is fine. Thank you so very much

Anonymous said...

I would like to order 2 necklaces please!!! I love them! 1 necklace with 3 original turquoise eggs and 1 necklace with 5 do I order???

Natalie said...

@ Jenny, I just need your email address so I can email you a link to your order! :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I would like one!!
A mini nest with one stone and a bird.
Thanks so much, they are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these! I would like:
1 regular with 2 light turquoise
1 regular with 3 dark turquoise
1 regular with 1 light turquoise.
1 regular with 1 light and 1 dark turquoise.
Thanks so so much!
Here's my email:

Anonymous said...

They all come with little birds right?

Lori said...

Hi! I don't know if you are still overwhelmed by the orders for Stephen, but I would love to order a necklace! I tried to order one in response to the fundraiser for Stephen, but I think I forgot to include my email. : ) So, if you can, I would like a full size necklace with 4 eggs in the light turquoise. My email is:
Thank you so much! Praying for Stephen and his family!

Natalie said...

Marinda, the full size necklaces come with the heart and bird charms, the minis don't but I can add the bird for $1. :)

Julie said...

I would like a reg size necklace with 3 eggs, 1 of each turquoise since my 3 kiddos are so amazingly different! Thanks! Julie.

Danae said...

Do you have a picture with freshwater pearls? Thanks

Jen said...

These are beautiful! I would like 1 regular size with 6 orig turquoise. Please have two bird charms.

Natalie said...

@ Danae, I don't have any yet...nobody has requested one with all pearls yet since I just got them yesterday. It would look something like this:

(Only mine wouldn't be $40! *wink wink*)

Anonymous said...

Hi again...this is Jenny. I'm friends with your Aunt Sherri.
Here is my email:
Thank you so much!!

My Garden of Eden said...

Hey Nat,

I don't know if you are still making these but I would LOVE to order two if you are. Can you email me to let me know. Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

I would like a necklace toe eggs please. My email is

Nichole said...


It's been a few months since you originally posted this. Are you still making them? My email is

Thanks so much!

Heidi said...

Are you still making these? I need one!!! Thanks!