Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No-Sew Felt Flower Pillow Tutorial


A while ago I did a guest post tutorial for this felt flower pillow and thought you guys would like it, too! It's SO easy and SO cute! I would love to make like..a hundred of them with different fabrics and colors of felt! In fact, I think I will. Ready for the tutorial? Here we go!


3 sheets of felt
A pillow you would like to dress up

Next, find 3 different sized things to trace. I used a sour cream lid, a cup, and a small can of diced green chilis. Use a marker that is just a little darker than the felt so you can see it.

On the first 2 sheets, you will trace 4 large circles and 3 small circles.

On the third sheet, you'll trace 6 medium circles and 3 more small circles.

Now, cut out all of your circles. You should have:

Next, cut them all in half.

Get your pillow, and lay out 9 of the large petals in a circle. Don't glue them yet...just get them situated to your liking.

Once you get them where you want them, THEN you can glue them on.

Layer on a second layer of LARGE petals.

Now a layer of MEDIUM petals...

And a second layer of MEDIUM petals.

Now, take 8 of your small petals and cut them in half.

Now, round off the corners.

Finish layering your small petals, ending with the ones you cut in half. Then, cut a circle of felt to fill in the hole in the middle. I traced a spool of thread, it was the perfect size! It will end up looking like this:

And now....give yourself a big pat on the back. :)


How cute would this be on a patterned pillow? Or you can also put a rolled fabric rosette in the center like this:


See, easy peasy. :) And, with the holidays coming up, now would be a great time to make some for Christmas presents! Everyone will be SO impressed! *wink wink*


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Tatum said...

You had me at no-sew, friend! These are so darling! I need to make a bunch for gifts and for my daughter. Brilliantly simple-love it. Thanks for sharing!

~Bekah said...

I just love this tutorial! Shelby has the same bedding fr target and I'm soooo gonna make some of these for her!

~Bekah said...

Oh and I mentioned this today on my Tutorial Tueday post!! www.bizzy-bs.blogspot.com

Kathy said...

Will you come put one of those in the middle of the canvas that we recovered a while ago?

Carrie said...

So cute! I am totally going to try this!

Just found your blog recently - new follower :)

The Yoder's Five said...

What a great tutorial! Thanks for spelling everything out so clearly. They turned out super cute. I love the red one especially. You are so CRAFTY!!

Michelle said...

So easy! I love it! I so want to go make one now . . .

minna k.s. said...

I love this idea! I especially love that it's no-sew. That's my kind of craft. ;) Super-adorable and versatile.


Harla said...

I just found you on Pinterest. You. Are. Awesome. Seriously, I have been wanting to learn how to make tissue paper flowers, NO SEW pillows, and a pinata, but most tutorials make me feel not so smart. And then, BAM, there you are, showing me how to do it all. ( I actually heard music playing in the background!) You have yourself a new follower...

Natalie said...

Thank you, Harla! Hahah! This totally made my day!

Think Bowtique said...

Found you on Pinterest. Your felt flower pillow is super cute and looks so easy to make.
Thank you for sharing.

Think Bowtique said...

I found you on Pinterest. Love your felt flower pillow. Looks so easy to make.
Thank you for sharing.