Tuesday, June 12, 2007

my miracle!

Here's what happened to me yesterday! I went to Sam's Club with Whitney
and Aaron for some food storage stuff and on the way out there is a woman
who marks your receipt before you leave. For some reason (it was so
strange to watch!) She could not seem to get the marker to the paper! She
tried probably four or five times before she finally got it to work. (She
was getting pretty frustrated). I just thought, "well, that was weird..."
and headed out on my merry way. About 10 seconds later, I knew why she
couldn't get it right. That ten seconds made all the difference.

Out in front of Sam's there was a big semi-truck and some men were loading
goods onto it. I looked for cars behind it and didn't see any, so I headed
out into the parking lot. Suddenly, just as I inched out in front of the
semi, this lady in a black car goes speeding by! She had to have been going
about 40 mph. and had no intention of stopping at the crosswalk sign. (typical
Houston Texan). If we had been just a foot further into the street she would
have hit us and it would have been really bad. But, instead of me thinking "Wow,
that was close, psycho lady!" I had the strongest impression of Heavenly Father
letting me know that he had just spared us because he loved us. He just wanted
to let me know he was watching out for us! I can't imagine what would have
happened if she hit us, especially with Whitney and Aaron in the cart. It would
have been horrific. (Not to mention all that food storage gone to waste!)

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father- who even though he has starving
children in Africa to feed, soldiers in Iraq to protect, sick and weary to watch
over, and people with many more serious needs than I have- still watches over
meand my little family. Sometimes I feel so small and insignificant and I wonder
how he can possibly really know and love me. And now I feel his love so strongly
and know that I am really under his watchful eye. What a wonderful experience!

2 people leaving some love!:

Diana said...

Wow Nat! I'm so glad that you and your kids are okay. Its amazing how much Heavenly Father does watch out for us every day. I am so thankful each day that I drive to and from work in safety.

Jess said...

Wow! That was really amazing!