Monday, December 31, 2007

Whitney has grown up so much this year! I can't believe she's 4, it makes me feel so old. She can read all by herself now and really loves to learn. She's into the usual girl things...Barbies, Disney Princesses, stickers, etc. The thing that impresses me the most about her is her love for the Savior. She makes Daddy tell her a "Jesus story" every night before bed and sometimes when she's playing with her Barbies, I'll hear her exclaim "You healed me, oh, thank you!!!". She's my best little friend, my big helper, and it's so much fun to have her for a daughter!

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Utley Family said...

Natalie, your kids are just adorable! I can tell that you are a wonderful mom! Congrats. on your new calling! I know that you will have a good influence on those girls!

Diana said...

Love the pictures of your kids! They are so cute!