Saturday, September 1, 2007

Meet "Gigantor". We just found this sucker in our backyard in a tree! It is called a yellow garden spider, and this sucker is about 4 inches from leg to leg! So, my friends, there really are "Texas Size" spiders. Uuuugh. Nasty. It's web is HUGE!!! It's probably about 2 feet wide. I've heard horror stories of people walking smack into these spiders' webs and getting one on them.....totally traumatizing! We're talking about a spider bigger than the size of your entire palm stuck in your hair! Luckily they aren't poisonous....might as well be if you ask me. If I got bit, first of all, it wouldn't be the poison that would kill me, I would already be dead from the heart attack!

2 people leaving some love!:

Diana said...

Yuck Natalie!! I hate spiders. They are just so creepy!

natsprat said...

MEEEEEEE, TOOOO! I still won't go outside by that tree.