Thursday, May 24, 2007

Well, I've completed one week on the Abs diet! I can't really tell all that much of a difference, but my husband says he can. I guess that's the one that really matters. I try to watch what I eat during the day, and then after I put the kids to bed I do the weights and crunches and stuff and do a half an hour of cardio. I usually do a 5 minute warm up, then I run a mile or so and then I alternate walking and running for the rest of the time. It's supposed to burn fat faster if you keep your body guessing and change up your pace. So it's not bad at all! I thought it would be torture, but I'm finding that I really like it. I'm finding that I sleep better (because my body is actually tired!) and I feel better about myself. I can't wait to see the results after the 6 weeks are over!

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Diana said...

Good job Nat! Nick and I started too! We are just doing the meal plan right now, we have been too busy this week to start the exercise plan. I can't wait to see the results too. My stomach doesn't feel as pudgy although I know that it has really changed much yet but its a good start and keeps me motivated.