Monday, November 5, 2007

Wow, has it already been a week!?! Sorry! The surgery went well. The nurses couldn't get my I.V. right for some reason. It took three tries to find a vein! The first time the lady completely missed my vein and sent the needle straight through my flesh. Now the whole top of my hand is a nasty bluish greenish purplish color. The second one lasted through my surgery, but turns out it wasn't flowing so I came out of surgery very dehydrated and went into some kind of shock. They gave me a shot of something to make me stop shaking and it calmed me right down, whatever it was. So, they put in a new I.V. and put three liters into me! Anyway, they didn't find any active endometriosis, but there was some scar tissue that did some damage. They were able to remove it and hopefully that fixes the pain. As for the lump that started this whole mess, they tried to have a look at it while they were in there and it's on the outside of the abdominal wall, so that will take another surgery later on.
Recovery wasn't too bad. I have 2 incisions, one right below my navel and the other one is lower at the bikini line. (whoever named it the bikini line anyway?). I have some stitches...and a little bruising from where the instruments were prodding around, but really it's not too bad at all. I spent the first few days sleeping because of the pain killers and by day 4 I was pretty much back to normal. Michael took such good care of me, he really stepped up to the plate and I know I couldn't have made it without tearing something back open without him! (awwwww, tender).
I'm just soooooo glad that I opted for the laparoscopy first instead of the hormone therapy which would have been 6 months of living heck for nothing!!! I attribute that to prayer because I knew what I needed to do the second after I said "amen". Thank heaven for prayer. :)

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Diana said...

Oh yeah Natalie! I am so glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you are recovering. I have been thinking about you and praying for you. I hope that whatever they did will help stop the pain that you have been having. Keep on getting better! Miss ya!

Utley Family said...

Hi Natalie,
Rachel sent me a link to her blog and I found your's. I hope you don't mind me reading it! It's so fun to see your cute family! I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and that your surgery went well. I just started a blog too so feel free to check it out at We sure do miss you! Love, your Aunt Linda Utley