Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Interior Decorating 101

I thought I'd do a post on interior decorating. A lot of people ask, "Where do I even start!?!" So, here are some helpful tips for when you want to change up a room.

1. Scour the internet. Check out Pottery Barn Kids Do something as simple as google "cute bedroom". No it. There are some REALLY cute ideas! Like these..

2. Find out what it is about the picture you like. Is it the wall/paint color? Is it the bedding? Is it the colors of the room all put together? Is it the cute mirror? Save the picture and put it in a folder named, "My dream room" so you can refer back to it.

Then, you can start to put your room together. I'm working on Kate's room right now, I'll give you a sneak peak at some of the things I'm planning for it!

I've already bought the fabric. The second I saw the Kate Spade Kumari Garden fabrics I knew that was what I wanted. I designed the entire room around the fabric! I'll be making a "duvet" cover for her toddler quilt, throw pillows and window coverings.

I've got mustard yellow, pink and red spray paint to paint things as accents. Like this:

We got this on sale at Target in Golden, and the bins don't match. So, I'm spray painting them.

And I found a cute shabby dresser at the Nazarene Thrift store to spray paint pink, found some old vintage fames at Rainbows End (another local thrift store) and even found a Grecian urn at Alco on clearance for $3! Having pictures helped so much, because I knew exactly what I wanted. And when I saw it, I got it. I haven't gotten the vinyl chandelier's on etsy for $20 and I'm still debating on whether to just buy it or attempt to stencil it on my own. I'm thinking as soon as I get $20 I'll just end up buying it because I stink with exacto knives and intricate details.

3. Re-purpose! Try to find things you already have that you can fix up/spray paint to make it work. Like the black lamp for Whitney's room that I spray painted pink? I forget it's even the same lamp, it looks so different! Picture frames can be turned into cork boards...things like that.

Well, that's probably enough for one day...hopefully it's enough to get you started! Have fun!!! That, of course, is the most important part. :)


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The Yoder's Four said...

Wow--you are way more organized than I am! I love the fabric choices for Kate's room. Can't wait to see what you do. And I love the wall paneling in those pictures! *Sigh!*

Lara said...

Awesome. This is a great post. I officially request more of these. I can be crafty and creative - but I am copycat creative, if you know what I mean. I can't come up with any ideas on my own. :)

Chris said...

you make it all seem so easy. thanks for the inspiration!