Thursday, May 1, 2008

Update #2: Disappointment

Okay, time to complain again. The antibiotics that I was prescribed were going to be $150! (that's even with insurance). So, we said that just wouldn't work for us. The pharmacy faxed the doctor and asked him to please prescribe something that would be cheaper, and it took the doctor allllll day to get back to them with something else. The pharmacy didn't carry what he prescribed and had to order it and it has taken 2 days to get here. Now it's there, but I can't pick it up yet because they still have to do some more computer stuff with it.....and now my pee is dark orange because there is so much blood in it! I called the doctor to tell them this and wanted to know the results from my labs on Tuesday and they stilllll haven't gotten them yet. So, who knows how bad it really is now that this kidney infection has been growing for 7 days! Even after I told the nurse that I have gotten much worse and needed to know what to do, all she said was that when they got the labs back they would call me. It's definitely time to get a new doctor, this is absolutely ridiculous. I'm starting to think that maybe it's been a bad idea to have been taking all the pain medication, because if I hadn't then I would have listened to my body's pain and gone to the hospital and gotten the help I really needed, instead of thinking I'd be okay just as long as I could take pain meds until I could get to the doctor (I've been taking the hydrocodone from my knee basically vicodin with acetaminophen). The vicodin took care of the pain, the acetaminophen brought down my fever....but the infection hasn't been taken car of which is the real danger. Now I'm just worried it's too late.

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Tyler, Monica & Nathan Murset said...

Ugh! I hate doctors like that. Just keep calling and bugging them about the results. My grandma does that all the time, and it really works. You would think that if you were being all nice and patient that they would want to help you out, but at some offices it is just the opposite. You may even demand to speak to the doctor himself. Let the pain speak for you!

Nick, Diana & Blaine said...

Oh Nat! I'm so sorry, that totally stinks! I hope that you get your drugs really soon and that you start to feel better super fast!

C2Hizzy said...

Nat, I think I know the problem.
You are peeing grapefruit juice.
No wonder you are in pain, that stuff is s-o-u-r!!!

Seriously though, you are one tough cookie. I wish I was there to clean the house & spoil the kiddos while you try to heal.