Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Pin}Spired Wednesday: UTTER FAIL by NatSprat!

Are you ready for a real life fail by NatSprat? *gasp!* Read on!

To start off my {Pin}Spired Wednesday, I thought I'd start out with a lovely photo collection to help you essentially see how my {Pin}spiration really worked today. Hopefully you'll get some good laughs out of them...because this is exactly how I feel! Plus, it's after 2 a.m. and I am totally frazzled after trying these silly cleaning pins for 5 hours trying to just get ONE of them to work. Anyway...have a nice quick laugh.

So, what might be putting me in such a frenzy tonight? Er...this morning? It all started with this pin. just have to use a Bleach Pen on the grout, let it sit for 20 minutes and it will magically whiten it for you! DUDE. I can't wait to get my grout to not look so nasty!

Yup. Totally nailed it. And I even let mine sit for 2 hours. Barely made a difference. I'm guessing it's because the grout wasn't white to begin with, it was tan. Sigh. Well...let's try something else then!

 Ooh! I know! This will be a good one! This is SURE to work! The super awesome and easy to make magic cleaning solution! It'll totally get rid of any soap scum stains in a jiffy!

See? It totally worked for this chick! The proof is in the pictures! 

And after....

Sweet. Let's do it. So, I made the cleaner, sprayed it on the shower, (make sure your bathroom is well ventilated! PEE-EWW!), waited for the 2 hours and excitedly rinsed it off. SUH-WEET!!! It's so shiny and clean! I can't believe it....wait....hold on....the water is evaporating and there is still soap scum. CRAAAAAP. Okay. I'll make a new batch and let it sit for 4 hours. That'll totally work.

.....four hours later....

Excitedly rinse it off with water. SUH-WEET! It's so shiny and clean! I can't believe....UGH! CRAP!!! *throw the sponge into the shower and sit on the toilet with my head in my hands in despair*

No, I didn't even bother taking pictures. Oh wait...yes I did. But you can't tell the friggin "before" picture from the "after" picture! Hahah! (as she laughs that even a word??? I need to go to bed.)

I must be doing something wrong...but I don't know what. I make one last ditch effort to get a totally awesome {Pin}spired pin for you. Since I already smell like vinegar, I thought I'd try the one where you soak your clogged shower head in vinegar. Easy peasy, right?

Nope. Plus, when I put the bag of vinegar up on the showerhead it dumped out of the back of the bag, down my arms, into my shirt and all down my sides and between my boobs. AWESOME. I'm sure I still smell like vinegar. 

BUT. Do you know what DID work to unclog the little holes in my showerhead? 

And, now you know how to fix a clogged shower head. Without 5 hours of cleaning. Or vinegar in your boobs. And I did that all without a Pin. Oh I didn't. I did it with a pin, just not one from Pinterest. HAH!

 Yes, attractive, I know. Just be glad you can't smell me.

And now, that it's 3 in the morning, I am going to bed. Vinegar boobs and all.

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Jessica said...

Oh Natalie how I love thee! Your blog is my favorite. I am so sorry that you had a busy, late, unsuccessful night... but thank you for starting my day off with a chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Haahhahah :) That is so great. I love you for being REAL! I am pretty sure I tried to make that same exact scarf and also totally "nailed it". Ha. Pinterest is awesome but it's sometimes not entirely true. Thanks for the morning laugh :)

Lara said...

Hahaha! So many of my projects turn out like this. Thanks for sharing. For the record, the bleach pen works on my grout...sort of. The seal on my tile is coming off. On the parts where the seal is still intact, the bleach pen works. If the seal is gone and the grout itself is stained...nothing works. I know a lot of tile that isn't sealed at all (Brandon Finch is a tiler and prefers not seal so that the grout discolors naturally and evenly - I would prefer that to my leopard spots!) or if your grout isn't white, that would explain it too.

Fat Bottom Farm said...

I am SO glad you did a test run on these pins and saved me the pickled fails!
Sometimes the tried and true earth killing sinus clearing brain fogging cleaners (think Tilex) are still the best.
I hope you wiped yourself down with a dryer sheet and got some rest :)

Natalie said...

Hahah! Thank you, gals! :)

Chrystal's Corner said...

You crack me up!! And I can so fact this week we had our own Pinterest inspired fail. Made bouncy balls with the boys that crumbled after 2 bounces. I didn't end up vinegar smelling and didn't waste 5 hours of time but did have some pretty disappointed boys on my hands. Thanks for sharing your fail, I feel like I am in good company:)

The Far Fifty said...

You're funny. I'm totes your newest follower!

Jess Cahoon said...

Loved your post! You should try Norwex products. I started using them recently and love them. Kind of expensive but so worth it!

The Yoder's Four said...

Oh my gosh, LOL!!!!!! I have to say that I don't know where these people who swear by vinegar for everything come from, because it never works for me!! I tried vinegar, then even tried CLR & Lime Away on my crusty kitchen faucet sprayer thing, and lo and behold, the thing that finally worked was scraping out the holes with a sharp knife point, just like you!

I've also tried bleach pens on my grout and it didn't work. I have had some success with a Scrubbing Bubbles sonic scrubber gizmo. I have a LOT of grout in my house.

Mary said...

Ha ha, Natalie! That was so funny. They say house cleaning won't kill you, but why take the chance. :-) I love reading your blog! You look great!
Mary from Golden

Teenah said...

This awesome post made me laugh out loud (at work)!!! it's comforting to hear that other people try projects that don't work out too. Thank you!

The Mursets said...

The best way to get your grout clean is to never even walk on it. Seriously, if I ever have grout again, I'll start with black. Of course I'll spill bleach or something then it will look bad.

This morning, before I read your blog just now, I had read about vinegar and the showerhead thingy. Our showerhead has little rubber nibs that you just rub your finger on and the hard water flakes off. It's great.

Oh, happy birthday a few days ago.