Friday, June 1, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Holy it really already Friday!?! Where did this week go? It's been a nuthouse here. Whitney ended up in the ER on Sunday because she was having major asthma problems. Her O2 levels were down to 87% and her lips were turning purple. She ended up having to be on oxygen at home for a while, so that was fun having her hooked to an oxygen tank 24/7. The poor girl felt like she was a dog on a leash. Thankfully, that's all over with and things are back to normal. I'm hoping some day she grows out of it. Maybe I should start out my favorite things Friday with oxygen??? Hahah. are 5 of my favorite FUN things that I really do use in my every day normal life. It's always fun to learn what other people use, isn't it! :)

1. Shout Color Catcher Sheets

 These really are great. It's nice to not have to stress about that random favorite white shirt that somehow ended up in the load of brights. And I've found that I can stretch the box out by only adding a half of a sheet to each load. I am amazed at the color that it does soak up. Pretty dang cool if you ask me!

2. Smart Wool Socks

Oh my gosh....these are FABULOUS. We are going on a 3 day trek with the youth from church in Wyoming and these were recommended by my Dad, Mr. Master of the Outdoors. I've been breaking in my hiking boots and wearing these socks and I seriously am in love with them. I would wear them every day if I could. I thought they would be majorly itchy, but they're not! And my feet don't get sweaty in's the weirdest thing! My feet feel so soft when I take them off. Anyway....I love me some smart wool. Totally worth the $$$.

3. Stir Crazy Popcorn Maker

 My Aunt has one of these and she made popcorn for us last time we visited and it was SOOOO good! So, my mom got me one for Christmas and I use it pretty much every weekend. You put the butter in the top and it melts and drips onto the popcorn as it pops. Then, you tip it over when the popcorn is done popping, give it a good shake and sprinkle some sea salt on the's delish! 

4. Coconut Oil
I know there is a major coconut oil craze going on right now, and I am proud to say that I have jumped on the coconut craze train! I just made some homemade toothpaste and used coconut oil to make it into a paste. It works great! I use it as lip moisturizer, on my dry ends of my also works great as a million other things (52 listed HERE!) I don't know what brands are good...but the Dr. Bonner's is the brand I got. I really like it. I swear I could probably eat it by the spoonful.

5.Cutter Bite MD

Mosquitoes are out in full force here. And they are doing a great job of biting the heck out of my family. I saw this at Walmart and thought I'd give it a try because I had like ten bites just on one leg and I was going to go insane and rip my own leg off. I was SOOO happy to find that it actually works! So now I always have one in my purse. These sure would have come in handy in Houston when we were constantly getting fire ant bites. Sigh. (Hey, all my homies in the South...get one of these!!!)

And there you go! Do you use any of these things, too? Have you jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon? If so, what do you use it for???

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Anonymous said...

I've totally jumped on the coconut oil train and LOVE the stuff! I really only bought it to make homemade magic shell, which is out of this world yummy! You HAVE to try it on your ice cream this summer! I'm going to be giving that list of yours a looksie for other ways to use this goodness in a jar!! ;)

PS--Sorry to hear about Whitney's asthma acting up. :( No fun at all!

The Yoder's Four said...

Ooo thanks for the tip about the insect bite stuff!!! The cortisone cream we have doesn't cut it and Madelyn is SO WHINY when she gets a mosquito bite, hahaha.

Also, those salted caramels look yummmmy.

Kathy said...

I jumped on the coconut oil train about five years ago. I mostly use it like body lotion or hair moisturizer. That stuff is awesome. I'm also glad that Whitney is doing better!

The Mursets said...

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