Friday, November 25, 2011

I Am Thankful for YOU! {Hope For Stephen Results}

First off, just let me say WOW. I have so much to be thankful for this year, and at the top of my list is YOU. Would you like to know the results from the Hope for Stephen nest necklace fundraiser? Get ready....

Yes, that's right! We raised almost $1,000 for Stephen and his family! Can you believe it? I can't! I was completely blown away at how fast the news spread about Stephen and the chance to help him. I made new friends and met some amazing people through it. I was only expecting about $100 in orders...if even! And they kept coming, and coming, and coming...I couldn't believe it!

And, even more amazing than the money is the amount of people who I know are praying for him right now. I know several who have even gotten groups together to make special packages and things for him to send for Christmas....*tearing up* :)

Thank you, THANK YOU for your generosity and your prayers.

And, if you HAVEN'T received your necklace order yet and I haven't contacted you PLEASE let me know! All of the paid orders have been shipped accept for one and I've been in contact with her, so if you ordered and paid with your custom Paypal link on my All Things Natsprat blog they should have reached you by now.

If you want to find your link, click on the image below and look through the blog archives, it will have your name on it.

And, if you are interested in following Stephen's journey battling brain cancer, his parents have set up a Caring Journal blog and they update daily. It is a hard journey they are all facing. The cancer is spreading and is causing him a lot of pain and nausea. Please keep praying for him, his battle has only just begun.

and to end's some GOOD news! :)

(Little Stephen is now famous! :) He was the smiling face that everyone saw on November 18th when they logged into AOL!)


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Carolina mama said...

Natalie, you are an amazing, talented and loving woman! How blessed I am to have you as a niece!

Lacey Wirkus said...

Nat, my dad has this on his wall, to remind him whenever he is having a rough day & to give him hope he can still over come his cancer, i wanted to share it with you & your family. they are in my prayers too...

What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer cannot cripple LOVE,
It actually makes it overflow.

Cancer cannot shatter HOPE,
It actually clarifies what hope is for.

Cancer cannot corrode FAITH,
It actually strengthens faith’s convictions.

Cancer cannot conquer the SPIRIT,
because courage faces cancer’s afflictions.

Lolly Jane said...

You're so amazing. Going to the C.Kingdom asap fo show!! ;)


The Yoder's Four said...

I can't believe you raised so much money! You are AWESOME!!!!! I'm sure Brent and Amber are very grateful. We're lucky to have you in our family. :)