Friday, December 2, 2011

Nat's Top Ten Pins of the Week

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! We did...other than the fact that I totally ruined one of my pies. French Silk Pie to be exact. I can tell you one thing, it was NOT silk. It was more like sand. Who knew that bakers sugar was actually just powdered sugar??? I went to every store I could find and could NOT find bakers sugar. So, I used regular sugar. NEVER AGAIN. People were literally trying to not throw up after one piece of that pie. I've got 5 words for you. HU.MIL.I.A.TING. But, hey. It's a new day and I learned something new, right? ;)

*cough* On to Nat's Top Ten Pins of the Week!

I don't know about you, but Pintrest is getting extremely dangerous with Christmas coming.'s like...a time space continuum thing. You're like, "I'll just check really quick and see if there's anything fun." Three hours later, your kids have aged ten years and your butt is asleep and you're like, "What on earth!?!" Am I right?

SO....without further adieu, here we go.

1. Craft of the Week

This is seriously at the TOP of my to-do list. Why? Because last year the toddler broke a bunch of my Christmas ornaments. So this year I went and bought the shatter proof kind. Which means I have a gazillion Christmas ornaments that need used up! AND, I found a bunch at the thrift store for super cheap. SO EXCITED to do this!

2. Cute Outfit of the Week

OH MY GOSH, look at THIS one!?! it's not an outfit. Who cares. Right now all I care about is getting ready for Christmas. Besides, we all know I'm just going to post a picture of some sort of sweater/cardigan, skinny jeans, a scarf and super cute boots. ;)

3. Tip of the Week

Now, what the flip does this have to do with Christmas? Well, I'll tell you. (hold on...let me think for a second.) Ah, yes. Those glass ornaments are sharp when they break! So...the idea is you squirt neosporin into straws, snip them up into sections, melt the ends with a lighter and you're done. Or something like that. How great would these be in your purse for all those skinned knees, slashed fingers from broken glass, etc.?

4. Kid Craft of the Week

Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses? HECK YES! I don't even like gingerbread. And it saves a lot of work! I can't wait to do this with the kids!

5. Good Laugh of the Week

Seriously though. Gets me EVERY time. But, what does it have to do with Christmas??? Why, this of course! You need those scary biscuits to make cinnamon sticky buns!

6. Inspiration of the Week

This quote makes me think of Stephen's parents. They are STRONG. But they have to be. If they were anyone from the outside looking in they would be astounded at their strength. Stephen and his mom have been at St. Jude's for 5 weeks now. He just started radiation therapy this week. Bless their hearts. I hope they can get to go home for a little Christmas break.

7. *DROOL* of the week

Seriously, how CUTE are these!?! And how did they get them so perfectly round???

8. Tutorial of the Week
Because I have ALWAYS wanted to know how to do this!!! Merry Christmas. What's that? You want more bows? Well, your wish is my command! Here's another tutorial on making homemade bows!

9. Hairstyle of the Week

Yes. It's the PERFECT holiday hairstyle for your Christmas card pictures!!! It's SOOOO easy to do. Step 1: Cut all of your hair to about 4 inches long all the way around. Step 2. Get a perm. Step 3: Fluff it with a comb and give it a good dousing of hairspray to keep it poofy! THAT'S IT!!! Don't forget to get matching goggles. I mean...glasses. It's a timeless look, I swear. (It's past midnight...give me a little slack here!)

10. Home Inspiration of the Week

Oh, House of Smiths, how I adore thee. Can I please have your house???

Annnnd, that concludes this week's Top Ten Pins of the Week. it was more like 12 pins because I'm just that nice. Have a great week! *muah!*

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The Yoder's Four said...

I love House of Smiths and I love the ornament wreath! I'm in the same boat--all I can ever use now is plastic or wooden ornaments, and I've got boxes of the glass ones. I need more time to do Pinterest projects!!

Lori said...

I have missed you and yes I follow Pinterest, but like you said you can spend hours just looking. I am making the Christmas trees out of poster board and will share them with you when I get them done. Thank you for sharing.
Blessings, Lori

Kristie K. said...

I love following you on pintrest. You pin some great things.

And thanks for the tip on bakers sugar, never knew. I made a mud pie and took the pudding off too soon and it was super syrupy.
My hubby was like, uh that doesn't look right. But yay for trying something new. The rest of the pie was pretty good, but now i know...

Jolene Hueber said...

Love all the inspirational photos. It makes me want to zap you here to do some crafting together.

Sarah Beth said...

I found your fabric flower headbands on Pinterest and made my own! Check it out:

My goal is to have 26 followers by the time I am 26 =) Can you tell I just started?

Lolly Jane said... and the hubby were laughing so hard at the matching hair pic that I was tearing up. Between that and your fart comment above, seriously...I was crying so hard b/c I was laughing!!