Monday, April 7, 2008


I finally got to add pictures to my dad's blog about Ginger(that's the blog after this one). I think it adds so much to the blog. I wanted to add more, but that's all it would let me do. There was the cutest picture of Ginger's friend (the neighbor dog) sitting at the fence watching. And one of Ginger's last car ride.
Thursday was a hard day and I word Ginger's first dog tag from when she was a puppy on a chain around my neck. I thought somehow that would help me to feel connected with her all the way out here in Texas. I cried harder thinking of what my Dad was feeling because they had such a sweet connection. She adored him and he adored her. I longed to be home and just hug him tight and have a good cry. He's so strong and brave and I'm so proud of him. He showed such mercy and Christlike love. I don't think I could have been that strong. And Ethan...oh, my Ethan. He turned into a man that day. He's never known life without Ginger, and he was brave enough to be there through it all.
I loved Ginger, but I never really got to have that sweet connection with her much because once I gave her a bath with the hose (I thought the nice cold water would feel great on a hot day) and instead it traumatized her and whenever she'd see me she would go and hide in her doghouse after that. After a few years she would let me sit by her and scratch her back, but I'm not sure she ever fully forgave me. ; )
My fond memories of her are more of Idaho memories. Like her escaping over the baby gate when she was a puppy and she and Brett being the same size. I remember how she used to freak out when we'd turn the sprinklers on in the backyard and she'd go and try to bite the water. And how she used to poop socks....but we won't talk too much about that one. She was a wonderful dog and we were so blessed to have her in our family. It will be hard to go home and not see her sitting by her lilac bush, or "standing guard" on the front porch, or hear her begging for treats from the neighbors. I hope we get to see her again someday...I'm sure it would be a wonderful reunion.

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Tyler, Monica & Nathan Murset said...

I totally started balling reading your Dad's entry! I am so sorry that she had to go, but I am pretty sure that our pets will be there in Heaven to greet us! Hang in there.