Sunday, July 1, 2012

Want To Change A Life Forever? Join Me! :)

I've been thinking about Stephen a lot lately. What would have happened to him if Brent and Amber hadn't opened their hearts and taken him in? He would have remained in the orphanage never to feel loved as a son, he never would have gotten a good education, or so many other blessings that came to him.

We were given a wonderful opportunity to help a child in need through an INCREDIBLE program called Children's Future International that my dear Aunt Helle Brimhall volunteers for.

In Stephen's honor, we are sponsoring a beautiful little 8 year old girl in Cambodia. When I received the Welcome Letter and saw the picture of this little girl, my eyes filled with tears and I knew that she was the one for our family. To protect her privacy, I won't give her name. Isn't she precious!?!


She and her sisters were orphaned a few years ago and have been living with her Grandmother in a shack lined with plastic bags.  Her youngest sister is still a toddler.They had nothing to eat and no other relatives to support them. Because of CFI, they now live near the center and she is able to go to school every day. It is so humbling to know that just a little donation every month can change a life, give an education and a meal, and a smile to a little girl's face. 

Helle was able to go to Cambodia and work personally at the CFI center, so I know that this is a real thing and not some sort of a scam. She knows these people, and has seen the impact that our help really does give them. This is why I am writing this post...hoping and praying that it will touch some of your hearts as well.




CFI also has many wonderful programs, like teaching hygiene to the people in the village... 

Providing bicycles for students in the villages to be able to get to school...

...and here is Jenny from Children's Future International, giving a tour of the school at the CFI center! Look how happy the kids are!

For more information, you can go to CFI's website,

We are always looking for a way to help others. But sometimes we look at all of the troubles of the world...the wars, the famines, the pictures of the starving children- and we get overwhelmed. We may think, "I am just one person, how can I make a difference?" And this, my friends, is how we CAN make a difference. We can give a child safety and security. We can give a child an education. We can give a child food in their little bellies. We can give them a smile. And most importantly, we can give them hope for their future. WE CAN CHANGE A LIFE!

So, if you are interested in joining me in this wonderful opportunity, please email me at, or leave me a comment and let me know how to get in touch with you! Thank you SOOOO much for stopping by to read this post! And if you can, please share this with your friends and family!


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