Friday, July 20, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Helloooh my Dah'lings! Did you miss me? I missed YOU! I've been gone for the past 3 weeks enjoying the craziness of summer. I.AM.EXHAUSTED! But, a good kind of exhausted. And I can't believe it's already Friday! Which brings me to introducing you to some of my favorite things. Maybe they are some of your favorites, too!


I hadn't ever had these before, but Michael said they would be good food for the trek (Over 15 miles in one day!). They really do help give you the energy you need when you're hiking or climbing or whatever. I've got to say, they are REALLY good! They are like a cookie, a muffin, and a granola bar all smashed up together into one delicious package.  When you first take it out of the wrapper, your first impression is "Um...I'm supposed to eat this?" Haha! But I promise, they are really good. And they are filling! My favorites were the Blueberry Crisp, the White Chocolate and Macadamia, and there is some sort of coconut one...but I can't remember what it's called. (And I should totally be getting paid for this....hahah.) There are a zillion different flavors, they are probably all really good. 

2. Bath & Bodyworks Rio Rumberry
Holy heck...have you guys smelled this one yet!?! I am addicted. Seriously. One day I was grocery shopping and this lady runs by and she smelled so good! So, I yelled across the isle, "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!?! IT SMELLS SOOOO GOOD!" and she yelled back, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S CALLED! IT'S THE NEW PURPLE ONE FROM BATH & BODY WORKS!!!". I'm sure the entire store enjoyed our conversation. Unfortunately for me, the nearest B & B is about 3 hours away. FORTUNATELY for me, my Mom had to make a trip to the big city and she offered to pick some up for me while she was there. I have gotten SOOOO many compliments on this one! It was passed around the family reunion several times amongst the gals...everyone loved it.

3. Einstein Brothers Bagels

Oh, mercy. When we were in Utah, my little brother wanted these for his Birthday breakfast. We went to Provo and got a box of bagels and some cream cheese. The Asiago cheese bagel was divine. I can still taste it. It haunts me. And the closest one is in Denver. *wiping away the tears*

DUDE. The honey almond and the strawberry cream cheeses were amazing, I could eat them by the spoon full. And gain twenty pounds from it.

4. Amanda Russel Workouts lose the 20 pounds gained from the cream cheese and bagels, I do the Amanda Russel workout videos. Which are all FREE at her website  or on youtube. (You can subscribe to her channel to never miss a new video!!!) I love this girl...she is awesome, just like her workouts! And she is REAL and totally adorbs. It's like you're best friends...just hanging out with her in her apartment like, "Hey, I'm bored. Let's work out!" I've been doing one of her videos every day and I can really tell a difference. My core has really tightened up and everything else has, too. (FINALLY!!!) I've already lost 3 inches from my waist...and guess what. I have deltoids, biceps AND triceps now! I like her videos because they are high intensity intervals with a little bit of rest in between them. Like...just enough rest to catch your breath, buck up and get at it again. So, you can get your workout done in like 20-30 minutes and still burn an INSANE amount of calories. And they go by SOOO fast! Here is an example for you! Enjoy!

5. CHOBANI Greek Yogurt


These are definitely another one of my favorite things and a household staple in the Brimhall fridge. Have you tried them yet? They are SOOO good. They are high protein (great for those post workout snacks!), all natural, and super rich and creamy. The vanilla kind is really good with some blueberries and cut up strawberries thrown in with it. I love finding things to eat that are DELISH and actually good for you! 

And there you have it, my friends! A few of my favorite things! Do you use any of them already? What are some of your favorite things???

4 people leaving some love!:

Kelly said...

At our house, any greek yogurt disappears fast. I usually buy the plain stuff, we like to put a spoonful of sugar or Nesquick in it (I know, less healthy, but still good protein!)

Mike & Rachel Barton said...

I love the lemon chobani and the blood orange. I've found another brand that has the best vanilla bean. It's sooooo so good.

Family of Five said...

Love fridays with ya Nat!

Natalie said...

@Kelly, ooh, that actually sounds really good! My Mother-In-Law makes frozen yogurt that way! I think she adds a little agave to it, too.

@ Rachel...I haven't tried those ones yet. Sounds like I need to!

@ Family of Five...thanks! :)