Monday, December 6, 2010

November update

Hola, mis amigos! ¿Puedes creer que ya Diciembre? Yo no puede. Pero las cosas van bien aquí con la familia Brimhall! Mi español viene muy bien, también. Estoy amando trabajando con los jóvenes mujeres! La vida es buena. :)

We had our first temple trip, and I had all 4 of my girls go! The closest Temple to us is the Albuquerque Temple which is 4 hours away. They drove with us in our van and it was fabulous! I really enjoyed getting to know them. They are sweet, wonderful girls! It was so neat to see their eyes light up when we went into the temple. They said they felt like they were in heaven with angels. It was their first time, and I am so blessed that I got to be there for it. They were so beautiful all dressed in white, I hope it was a time they will never forget.

"The temple is concerned with things of immortality. It is a bridge between this life and the next. All of the ordinances that take place in the house of the Lord are expressions of our belief in the immortality of the human soul." Gordon B. Hinkley

It was so nice to get to go back to where Michael and I were married. It really put things back into perspective for me. There is just something about being there, in such a beautiful place...all dressed in white. It feels like home. Not home, like home from a place you almost remember. It's so peaceful and reverent. I love it.

We had a nice Thanksgiving! We went up to the mountains with my family and the Petersons to get a Christmas tree. It had snowed a lot a few days before so it was kind of a scary drive! I white knuckled it most of the way. But it was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was a winter wonderland. We found a good tree and had a fun time playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate. Then we went to my in-laws for Thanksgiving Dinner and had a DELISH meal and the best chocolate silk pie I've ever had. (Thanks, Kathy!) Then we went to my parent's house that evening for pie. It was a wonderful holiday!

Oh! And we got a wood stove installed in the house. I love it! I was really nervous to sleep the first night with a fire going. I'm terrified of fire. But, Michael assured me there was nothing to worry about and it seems to be working great. I love the feel of wood burning warms you to the very soul. :) And there's nothing like sitting on the couch on a cold day watching the glow of the fire.

I finally got out my camera many pretty things to take pictures of now!

So...all in all things are going great! I love this Christmas Season!!!

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Chris said...

I loved reading your post. Thanks :)

Mike & Rachel Barton said...

Yay! An update! I check every day. :) I'm glad to hear you are doing well. I love that picture of Whit. Love you!

Krystle said...

hey! My aunt and uncle live in Albuquerque!!