Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lesson Learned!

I started a new blog. Here's the story. You know how I got a new camera for Mother's Day? Well, since then I have learned a lot of things. In my eyes, I feel like I learned the hard way. I was an idiot, and posted some of my pictures on facebook. Pictures I thought were beautiful and I did a great job with. I think ignorance is bliss, and although I like it that way because it hurts less, I'll never learn and grow. Anyways, what I wasn't expecting were photography friends and family who honestly felt they were helping me by critiquing my pictures. Oh boy. It hurt! I was taken completely by surprise and cried pretty much all day. I even contemplated listing my camera on ebay. I realized I wasn't a good photographer. So sad. But...after some good friends who knew how to comfort me I have decided NOT to throw in the towel and keep trying. I'll get better. I did learn some useful things though.

1. If you put a watermark, it is like...coming out of the closet and declaring, "I am a professional photographer and I want you to pay me to take your pictures. I am awesome." Oops! I thought it was to keep people from stealing your pictures. So...I'm sorry if I offended anyone by watermarking my pictures, I am NOT competition and I will not charge anyone for taking their pictures. That being said, I will continue to put atleast my name on my pictures so nobody steals them.

2. Photographers are feisty. They don't like other photographers. They don't like competition. It's brutal out there! They will try to tear you down and make you feel worthless and talentless and humiliated. Seriously...they could make a reality TV show about it. This will be hard for me because I'm really sensitive. I'll try to use it as a good thing...gotta toughen up this skin, ya know?

3. If you tell one person you'd love advice or input on your pictures, you are inadvertently opening it up to the entire photography world, and they will speak their mind. So...lesson learned, prepare for a flood, or don't ask for help where people can see it.

Anyway...I learned a lot. If you are interested in the new blog, it's

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Lara said...

Wow. Lots to learn. I would love to learn more about photography - just so I can take better pictures in daily life. I'll definitely check out your other blog.

TG and Steph said...

I'm sorry Nat. It seems so silly that people would feel inclined to critique your personal pictures. I feel that if you own a camera you have every right to do whatever you want to enhance your pictures. People are ridiculous!! I really loved the pictures you posted on facebook and I can't wait to see more. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Dont let anyone get you down. People are just jealous babies and insecure of their own talent. I am a pro and I have been there!

The Yoder's Four said...

I saw some of the "suggestions" people were leaving you and thought they were pretty rude! Photography is an art and what looks good to one person doesn't look good to another. I'm not much for abstract pieces, but I'd never tell the artist she was doing her pieces the wrong way!

I like your new blog. Keep up the good work--your kids are so photogenic!

The Mursets said...

One more reason for me not to join facebook....I am sorry that people were hard on you! You take beautiful pictures! People are so lame. I hope you keep up the photography- I can't wait to see more!

Karli said...

I can hardly believe it. People are so mean...I'm sorry you had to go through that. I look at your pics and drool over the way you capture your beautiful children. But I guess I'm not a pro, so what do I know?

melissa said...

I really like your blog! I'm a new author and have enjoyed this new experience. I find that it's the most difficult and most rewarding. I'm also a graphic designer and love having that creative outlet as well.
Thanks for your post! I will be back for more updates. :-)

Melissa Nielsen