Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things are going pretty well for the most part. Our Freestyle got smashed already. I mean, I KNEW it would happen eventually because that's just our luck. But, I didn't think it would happen THIS fast! A kid who just moved across the street came to our door on Saturday and told us that his "friend" had given him a ride home from football practice and when he backed out of the driveway he smashed into our car and then sped off. It really touched me that the kid came and told us what had happened. I worry about him though, being the new kid at school and turning in a fellow football player who, by his behavior, doesn't seem to be the most praiseworthy kind of person. I hope he doesn't get beat up or something. So, anyway, the State Patrol came over and did a report and they'll get the kid at school. Wow. Here's a pic...

Things with homeschool are going pretty well. I can't believe how much Whitney is improving. She amazes me! Here's an example of her handwriting. (We were learning about adjectives)

Not bad for only four weeks of Kindergarten, eh? And I didn't even tell her what to write or how to spell anything.

I've started making beanies for my shop. They're really popular right now, so hopefully they'll sell well! I've seen them selling for over $20!!! So, being the nice person I am and not wanting to rip people off, I've listed mine for $12. Let's see if not being greedy pays off. Though, sometimes with all the dang glue gun burns I keep getting I should try to cover the cost of band-aids and burn cream? Just kidding...just kidding. Here are some of the beanies I've listed.

Annnnd....that's about all I can think of at the moment. We're all doing well and healthy and I hope you are, too!!!


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Mike & Rachel Barton said...

The beanies are SO CUTE! Great job!! So sorry about the car :( . I really hope it will be able to get fixed soon. That makes me sad!

Davis Family said...

Love the beanies! Get Mandy over there to take pictures of your babies wearing them. And let me come so I can see how she gets such great shots. I sure hope you're using the low temp glue gun. When do you want to get McD's cones?

The Yoder's Three said...

Very impressed with Whitney's handwriting!! What a smart girl! And I love your beanies. I still need to go check out your etsy shop. And I really hope you get that kid to pay for your car repairs! What a pain!

Lisa said...

They are all beautiful Natalie!!!

So sorry about the car =(

Melissa said...

Those Beanies are so cute! If I had baby girl I'd get one for her. That's sad about your car, what bad luck!