Friday, May 25, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday!!! It's time for my Favorite Things! The time of the week when you get to learn a little more about me and what kind of stuff I'm into! Here we go!

1. Rival Snow Cone Maker: I am addicted to snow cones. They are my favorite thing in the world. Especially white coconut flavored syrup and then you drizzle sweetened condensed's like Coconut and Cream HEAVEN. This little snow cone maker has been used pretty much every day this week!
 2. Nutella. Okay, so I know they are in some sort of a big lawsuit right now because apparently the commercials make it seem healthier than it really is, but who cares. This crap is GOOOOOOD! I like it on toast, bananas, graham crackers (helloooo smores!)...this stuff would probably even make broccoli taste good.
 3. My mascara dried out and I was due for a new one, so I decided to try this one out. I usually have some major raccoon eyes after wearing mascara for a few hours, especially in the sweaty summer heat. But this stuff really does what claims to do! This stuff does not flake does not really does stay on for 24 hours or until you are ready to take it off! I think it may be my new favorite!
 Bath and Body Works Bali Mango. OH...MERCY. This stuff is AMAZING! I LOOOOVE the B&B fruity scents...but this one literally makes my mouth water! It's a mix of juicy mango, sugar cane, pink passion flower and nectarine. It is PERFECT for summer! I wear it pretty much every day. Mmmm.
 My shovel. Lame. I know. But this week I have been working on planting a garden in our pathetic backyard, and I have relied on my shovel EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I'm excited to finally turn our dirt in the back into something useful. So far I have a strawberry patch, blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes and a herb garden. Next week I'll plant the regular things like tomatoes and zucchinis and all that good stuff. 

Whelp...there you go! Maybe you'll find something here you end up liking too! I'd love to know what some of YOUR favorite things are!

Have a wonderful weekend! See you again soon!

3 people leaving some love!:

Jessica said...

Thanks for the mascara tip! And what?! Nutella isn't incredibly healthy? Bummer; we go through a lot of that stuff around here!

Julie said...

We have the same snow cone maker! So cosmic!

Mike & Rachel Barton said...

Where did you get the snowcone maker? Is it shaved ice or chunky ice? I must have one.