Sunday, September 6, 2009

Homeschool Diaries...Week One.

Oh my gosh, that was just too good!!! A really good friend of mine is homeschooling, too. She had this video up on her blog and I just about died laughing! I must have watched it ten times!!! I love the part where it shows the kids, "Unique" and then the dad..."Eeeeek."

Things are still going...well, they're going. It was kind of rough last week because everyone else started school here, too. There were a lot of times and tears when I was wondering what on earth I was thinking. All the other parents were so excited, and the kids were all lined up at the bus stop with their new clothes and new backpacks and the look of excitement. We drove by the school and there were kids playing on the playground and I suddenly had this freak out session. Yeah, it was a rough week. Then I read all my friends blogs about their kid going to school for the first time with their cute pictures of their smiling kids...sigh. I've looked forward to that day for so long and imagined Whitney getting on the big yellow bus with her big smile and a wave good-bye in the window...and now to realize that it isn't happening is hard. But...I just keep remembering that I prayed about it and I knew it would be okay.

Another thing that was hard was going out into public the first week of school. I felt like I was "coming out of the closet". Nobody else had their kids with them, accept for some toddlers and babies. The cashier in the checkout line asked (in her deep southern accent), "Girrrrl, why aren't you at school?" and Whitney proudly said, "I'm homeschooling!". And then the greeter lady at Wal-Mart said, "What!?! Isn't she old enough for school yet?" And I was cranky and told her that Whitney had health problems and it was easier to just homeschool. sort of true...but it seemed to satisfy the lady. People told me it would be like this, but I'm sure I'll get used to it and it won't be a big deal.

I'm starting a new curriculum with Whitney. It's called Saxton and it's supposed to be really good. She's doing very well so far and it makes it all worth it when I see her progressing and understanding things, and when she makes a mistake she wants to go back and try it again until she gets it right. She loves doing her science and science experiments most. Oh! And my good friend, Sarah is teaching her piano lessons on Mondays! She loves her teacher soooo much and is really excited about it! I got her a Disney beginner piano book and she can't wait until she can play it.

Well, that's probably enough for today! I hope you all had a great first week of school and have a great weekend!


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Lisa said...

Saxon is awesome! I looked at alot of their stuff and wish I had gone with them versus Horizons for math. I have another friend who is using primarily Saxon stuff and she loves them!

Whitney has health issues?

Davis Family said...

Loved your post. I haven't homeschooled, but I know how it is getting an answer to a prayer and it's all good in theory and then later having such a hard time in reality. You're so right about just going back to remember how you felt when you first received the confirmation. Really, you're amazing and I'm jealous of all the ways you are building your relationship with one can take that away from you, Nat.
Oh, we were wondering when we can come to your "shop". We've loved the beanie so much now Leah wants to come buy one.
Glad your class went so well today!

Frahs Family said...

It is still tough at times when I see the other kids all excited for school but then I remember how they get told to sit down and shut up all day while I take my kids with other homeschooled kids on field trips and to girl scouts and stuff like that. We have had the best quality family times on field trips cause the kids are so interested and think we know everything. And when it comes to going out, I tend to go to the same two walmarts so the people there know us and know the story so they are excited to see the kids. Some customers don't know us but if they say something they kids explain and 90% of the time the people agree that that is what is best now. The others don't matter. I actually met another homeschool family of redheads one day at Walmart cause we had both brought the kids and got to talking for like two hours. It was great! It is more common to homeschool than people realize so they are just gonna have to deal with it cause it is only becoming a bigger deal. Just make sure you both get plenty of socialization with field trips and support groups and stuff. It helps to have others in the same boat.

The Mursets said...

You are so awesome! Why do people always have to open their big mouths and get into other peoples business? That is so annoying. I am glad to hear that Whitney is already progressing.
Tyler reads Popular Science, and I was noticing - they had this section about genius kids who are inventing all sorts of stuff. Half of them were home schooled (and they were usually the younger ones featured in the article).
Stick with it, and work on a crusty face to throw back at people in the stores who question you!

The Mursets said...

I loved the video. Don't be ashamed, be proud.