Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the nothings of happenings

Wow, this is my 100th post!!! I should have some sort of animated streamers or fireworks or something going...wish I knew how to do that...oh well!

Well, I have three more weeks until my due date! Yaaaaay! Things are going really well. I had an awesome baby shower a few weeks ago, thrown by my Visiting Teachers and my Beehive Advisor and my bestest friend Mandy. I wish I had pictures, but I sort of forgot my camera...as I always do for anything important.

I'm feeling pretty good! I'm the proud owner of a 43 inch waist, how exciting! My feet are finally starting to swell. In fact, just a few days ago Whitney was having fun leaving indents in my feet and said, "Wow, Mom, your feet are like playdough!" it was hilarious! Atleast she enjoys it. I'm having an ultrasound next week to make sure she's the right size so that will be nice to get to see her again before she's here.

Other than that...really...not much going on. Hopefully my next post will include pictures of a newborn. :)

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Abbie Ann said...

So exciting. I cannot wait to see what your new little one looks like I mean the other two are so dang cute... You guys make good babies. I love you lady, I hope that everything goes good for you in the next few weeks.

Melissa said...

I'm excited to see the newest addition to your family. It sounds like you are more than ready too!

Mike & Rachel Barton said...