Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hello everyone! I have been so bad at blogging lately! Some weeks it's like I have something to say every single day. But the past few months have just flown by and I just haven't gotten around to the blog. Let's see...where to start. Um....OOH! I went and saw "Australia" with my friends Mandy and Pearlette. It was SOOOOOOO good! Oh my gosh, I think it's my new favorite movie. It was funny, and romantic, and action packed...everything you could want all smooshed into a 2 hour and 45 minute movie. Just remember that it's 2 hours and 45 minutes, and half way through the movie when you swear it's just about to end and you're like, "oh, that was such a good movie! But what ever happened to that one guy???" and then the movie keeps going you won't be suprised. There is the cuuuuutest little boy in the movie, he just melts my heart! Seriously, it was such a good movie. Then, to top off a great night we went to Cheesecake factory for a little 800 calorie snack and called it a night!

I went to the doctor this week and everything looks good. I'll be getting the "BIG" ultrasound here in a few weeks so that's nice! I have to admit that this pregnancy has been a hard one. I thought I'd be really connected with this baby already like I was with Whitney and Aaron. I used to talk to my belly and lay in bed just so happy to know that this sweet little baby was going to join our family. I haven't felt that with this one...I don't know why. I really struggle with being pregnant again and the change that's going to come and I just hope that the baby doesn't know that I feel this way. Anyway, I'm hoping that after I have the ultrasound I won't just picture this little alien looking creature taking over my belly and I'll get excited about a new son or daughter and find joy in pink or blue. Oh, and I've been getting a lot of requests for belly pictures. Um, about that...yikes! As a Christmas gift to all of you I'll put one up. After Mike gets me a camera for Christmas! (Got that, Michael?)

We had a nice Thanksgiving. We went out to Dallas to spend it with some of my relatives and it was nice to be with family! The drive went really fast and it was so beautiful! It actually LOOKED like fall! The trees were orange and red and yellow, it made me so giddy! The food was soooo good and we had fun playing the Wii and Guitar Hero and looking at the Black Friday adds! We had to cut the trip short, but I'm glad that we got to spend Thanksgiving with them! Thanks Chris and Brant! :)

The kids are doing pretty good. I babysat a three year old boy for one of the ladies I visit teach last week for 10 hours and his mom didn't happen to mention that he was sick with a cough and cold and needing breathing treatments because it was so bad. So, when he showed up and I heard him hacking up a mucus storm and snot flowing freely from his nose I was soooo close to telling her that I was terribly sorry but I just couldn't babysit him like that because of Whitney's lung problems. And I should have! Now, Whitney AND Aaron have it and I had to start breathing treatments on Whitney last night because she was wheezing and said she couldn't breath. It was a long night. I hope she can get through it okay...grrrr.

Other than that, they're doing good. Every day Whitney asks if it's Christmas yet so I think it's going to be a long month. I went and bought one of those advent calendar things so help her to count down the days to Christmas and that seems to have helped. I got it from Target and it's super cute! It's this one:

which also matches the colors of our Christmas ornaments this year! (by the way, are you supposed to count up to 25 or count down to 1???) There. Now I've added a picture to my blog and I feel complete. Well, there's the update for ya! I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and are now enjoying the fruits of your leftovers! :)

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The Mursets said...

That lady should have told you about her kid's sickness. Get better soon!!

Julie said...

I've got a reputation for being a germaphobe here which even though it isn't entirely true it saves me from a lot of these experiences. Next time she drops off her kid just be spraying lysol everywhere and comment on how you finally got your house all disinfected. We'll see what she does.

Also, you know you end at 25 right? You're just teasing?

carlston said...

Did I know you were pregnant? Congratulations! You make beautiful children. That third is a life change, but aren't they all. Don't you worry, that baby will get so much love, it will want you all to go away sometimes! Good luck with sick kids and the growing tummy.

The Yoder's Three said...

Ooh, that happened to me once. I got this spur of the moment phone call from someone in the ward, and I had to watch her baby girl for at least 8 hours. She screamed almost the entire time. And then she didn't even pay me!! I've never seen her since. That totally bugs.

Melanie said...

Congratulations on #3. I didn't know. that is so exciting and you will for sure get into the groove of expecting a new baby. I think it just takes a little longer to get excited with the more kids you have.
I love the advent. It's easier to count up from one to 25 but I say do what you want.
Love ya!