Monday, March 31, 2008

What a week!

It's been quite a week and I've been trying to wait until I'm not all drugged up to do my blog! I don't think that's going to be happening any time soon. I had knee surgery on Wednesday and it's been pretty rough. They got in there and found that my bone had actually fractured and my cartilage is in the same condition as a 60 year olds. So, it's 3 times more worn than it should be. There is some sort of underlining condition that we don't know about so I have to go in for more tests next week. It's been 5 days since the surgery and I thought I'd be up and running by now. Unfortunately, it's going to be a while longer. I'm learning a real lesson in patience, and trying to find happiness in the small things like being able to bend my knee or lifting my leg a little higher when I'm doing the physical therapy exercises. I've also learned a big lesson in humility and on having compassion on others. It's hard to believe there are people who are in pain like this every single day and they have no help!
Mike stayed home from work on Wednesday and Thursday to take care of us. I think by Thursday night he had just about had enough and was ready to go back to work. He was soooo cranky! He went into work on Friday morning and came home in the afternoon and I think he actually had a good weekend with the kids. He took them on a bike ride and set up a pool for them in the back. It was nice to wake up from a 4 hour nap to the sound of the kids laughing in the backyard. They sure love their Daddy. He went back to work today and I've missed having him around to bring me back my crutches when Aaron runs off with them! And since I can't carry Aaron up the stairs, I've learned I can bribe him with chocolate chips. I just place one on each step and he follows me right up. (Kind of like on E.T.!)
As for other news, 3 of my cousins have had babies this week! CONGRATULATIONS guys!!! Mindi and Ernie Rivas welcomed Aiden, Kevin and Lori Murset had little Hattie, and Jason and Jessica Peterson had Noelia! Monica and Tyler Murset are expecting an addition to their adorable little family, and Mandy and Darren Reschke are expecting as well! Baby fever is in the feels like spring! Babies are such fun little bundles of joy! (ummm...FYI...I'm just cheering on from the sidelines until Aaron is potty trained!)

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Tyler, Monica & Nathan Murset said...

I am sorry to hear about your knee. That really stinks. I hope that they figure out what the heck caused it. Good Luck!